Friday Giveaway: NaluWaver

NaluWaverThis is the greatest hair tool I’ve ever used in my life. Ever. I love it so much that I got in touch with the media relations person the day after I first used to see if I could get one to give away to one of you. The good news is she said yes. So I present this to you, ShopTalkers: The Nalu Waver, which as you can probably guess is for making waves. (The good kind—in your hair.) Nalu, is Hawaiian for wave, by the way, which is guess means the name is a bit redundant: wave waver. I digress. This iron looks like a double-barreled curling iron, but without a clamp. It heats up instantly and lets you choose the temperature, but it makes it easy for you by giving you hair texture options: thin, normal, thick, and coarse. To use, basically, you put a glove on the hand handling the hair (rather than the one holding the tool) and you wrap figure-eights with your hair around the barrels. Sounds complicated, but practice for five minutes, and it’s a piece of cake. I must also tell you this: I am hair-challenged. Big time. Like, I can barely use a flat iron correctly. Seriously. But I spent 20 minutes with this bad boy, and I had an amazing head full of serious waves that lasted through the morning, through the day, through the evening, through drinks at the bar, and remnants were left over the following morning. So, trust me, you want one. Fill out the form here to enter, and good luck! NaluWaver, $179.99 by R Session Tools. We’re giving away one. Picture by Sean Cunningham, borrowed from Harper’s Bazzar. NaluWaver pictured after the jump.

Update: Congratulations Amanda!



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