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  • Cathy Reaves

    Yeah, after seeing Jillian and Kipton’s kiss I’m thinkin’ gay. He might be one of the ones they keep saying is there for the wrong reasons.

    Wes and Tanner the toe guy has got to go!

    I’m about to think there’s something seriuosly wrong with all of these guys.

    David is a nutzoid.

    And something is definitely wrong with Juan because too many of the guys are standing around and giving tacit agreement with David. And Robbie said, after the Juan/David confrontation, that he agreed with everything David said about him. So something about Juan is definitely off.

    I’m felling pretty bad for Jillian right now. She doesn’t have much to chose from. At the western set, if she’d been smart she would have gotten on her white horse and ridden out of town and off the show.

  • Jayne

    Give it a break, the toe thing is hilarious. Anyone insightful can tell it’s a joke and the producers are putting him up to it. Besides, at least he did it in a hot tub, where it’s somewhat sanitary. Well maybe not! Sit back, enjoy and watch Tanner have some fun. He’s going to make it entertaining for writers and watchers like you. I promise. Keep in mind who is putting who up to it. Besides you should be pulling for him to be the next bachelor, you’ll have tons of stuff to write about then

  • Laura,
    Don’t worry…Tanner P will not be making an appearance at the D/FW Singles’ Dating Convention on September 5. The toes of Dallas Single Ladies are Safe!! Well, unless you like that sort of thing.

  • Eithere Wes does not get too far on the show or they let him out for the night because he is playing with a great local Dallas band, the Mo Robson Band, in Denton at Rocking Rodeo the beginning of August…

  • Not a bad show. yesterday with the ol ball n chain. She enjoys the series alot more than I do.

  • So excited about the launch of this season. I hope it runs on for a long time