Who Wants a Makeover?

If you love D Beauty, and I hope you do, then perhaps you saw last summer’s Dallas Hair issue. In it we made over three lucky ladies, and we intend to do the same for this summer’s issue. Now’s your chance to plead your case with me. If you think you deserve a makeover, then send me an e-mail with your story, and you must include a picture! The three best sob stories will win! Tell your friends, sisters, moms, co-workers–anyone you think needs a little lift. So far we’ve enlisted stylist Daniel Lewis of Green Peridot, to do one makeover. (You may remember him from Bravo’s Shear Genius.) Three lucky winners will be notified by mid-March, and their fabulous new selves will be featured in the pages of the summer issue of D Beauty. Good luck!


  • Devonie

    Jennifer- I am 22 weeks pregnant and feeling like Ugly Betty. I have tried getting haircuts to feel “sexier” but nothing looks cute. Help me please!!!!!!

  • Kelly Middleton

    Hi Jennifer,
    My sister, Devonie, is pregnant and her self-esteem is in the toilet. She physically looks fine but inside she is feeling pretty dumpy. I know she is in desperate need of a makeover to help her feel sexy in her expanding form.
    Please help her out!
    Thank you.
    Kelly Middleton

  • DLP

    Can boys enter?

  • Monica Keene

    My name is Monica Keene and my best friend, Devonie Coble, and I are both pregnant with GIRLS, due a week apart in June. We are both feeling pretty large and in-charge these days, and I know we would both benefit from an EXTREME makeover. Devonie and I are both school teachers so finding the time to take care of our personal grooming is seldom. We would love to do this makeover together- something we would definitely put in the baby books as a great memory!
    Thank you so much- please consider both Devonie and I for the makeover.

    Monica Keene
    [email protected]

  • Jennifer Chininis

    Ladies, read the directions! You have to send me an e-mail with photos to enter.

    @DLP: Sorry, it’s only for girls!