Tweezers for V-Day

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. Single or taken, doesn’t matter. And it’s never been about having a partner. When I was little, my Dad bought me stuffed animals, Mom bought me jewelry, and Grandpa sent me chocolates. As I got older, my sister and I got V-Day socks, outfits, then shoes. Now, it’s cards and love-bashing evenings full of pink martinis with the girls. But I’ve found a fail-proof way to enjoy Valentine’s Day every year. I buy myself stuff. Cute, pink heart-decorated stuff. I don’t usually even like pink, but I figure I can go out of my way to like it once a year. So, annually, I jump on board the pink and red bandwagon, and I give lovely gifts to myself. Here’s a good one: Tweezerman’s Red Heard Slant Tweezers for $25. Buy a pair. (What? They’re practical and inexpensive.) And you might feel better about the holiday.


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