Hot Mama in a Hot Mama Apron

Today I received a Hot Mama apron from Jen Rosie Designs. It’s super cute. Local lady Jennifer Carr makes her aprons out of terri cloth towels and embellishes them with fun fabrics, ruffles, and trims. And even though I like it a whole bunch, the closest I get to cooking is microwaving queso when I have the guhls over. So, I gave my Hot Mama to my favorite hot mama, Peggy.


  • I am all for aprons, and wear one on average of 3 hours a day. I appreciate the bottom half as its always used as a towel anyway.

    I’m yearning for the old shirt style aprons that covered the top of the body as well. My bustline and waistline always get the dirtiest.

  • susie

    those are adorable!!! What a great website.

  • rooster

    I love the towel…how practical

  • robert

    i just bought one of those for my wife for Valentine’s day