3LAB Facial at Barneys

Today I enjoyed a perk of the job. You may have heard about these Free 3LAB Facials here. Listen, people. There’s a reason I write about things—’cause they’re awesome! Sure, you’ve got to buy a 3LAB product to score the facial, but you’ll want to buy the whole line when aesthetician Elaine Farrell-Bloom is through with you. (It might be best to open a savings account. Their WW Cream retails for $400.) Elaine cleansed and scrubbed and slathered and eventually let me “marinate” with this 3LAB mask, while she gave me the most lovely leg and arm massage. She’s also a certified massage therapist, so when she get technical telling you what she’s doing and why, you know it’s legit. It also might have something to do with the intelligent-sounding British accent, but whatever.

To conclude, the service was top-notch. Not at all surprising for Barneys. The facials are available pretty regularly—usually once a month (I’ll keep you posted). But you can see Elaine anytime at her Luther Lane shop, where she does facials, microdermabrasion, masks, peels, and facial massage. Call or e-mail at 469-463-7617 or [email protected]


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