Do You Like Fun?

So, this is neither health nor beauty related, but if Rhonda can post about her crushes, I can post about the amazing time I had last night at Shenaniganz, a fun-porium that just popped up in Rockwall. It’s a place for the kiddos and adults and adults who act like kiddos. For example, we (the husband and I) started with dinner at Rozie’s Grill—flank steak with yummy mashed potatoes and perfect thin-crust pepperoni pizza from the wood-burning oven. Adult. Then we moved over to bowling, opting for the family-friendly main lanes as opposed to the private (and swanky) Z Lounge lanes. Kid. But then we had some beers—adult—followed by some arcade games, heart-thumping laser tag deep in the black light-enhanced jungle, more arcade games (had to get that whoopee cushion), then to the Z Lounge, where there are fancy drinks and a list of ales long enough to rival any pub, before we said adieu. Kid, kid, kid, adult. I have to say, it was just plain fun. There was fun in the air. The official grand opening is Wednesday, Dec. 17. Go, and have fun. Unless, of course, you don’t like fun.


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