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Highland Park Village’s Permanent Pop-Up

Market has turned Highland Park Village into a pop-up incubator for emerging designers.
la vie style house
Shayna Fontana

Tucked away along the edge of Highland Park Village, Market is more maze than shop. Enter next to The Honor Bar and wander the Jonathan Simkhai pop-up that’s taken over most of the store’s front. Then turn a corner and meander past La Ligne’s door to the walls of accessories, home goods, and clothing racks beyond, making your way to the nook-and-cranny-rich space in the very back.  

It can get confusing, owner Elisa Summers admits. But explore the whole store or you might miss one of the many gems. 

In 2019, Market hosted its first pop-up with La Ligne, the New York-based fashion brand. In 2020, when the high-end women’s clothing and home goods shop remodeled, “we started talking about how neat it would be to give these brands more of a presence in our store,” Summers says.  

Market launched its pop-up incubator program in early 2020, designating spaces at the front and the back of the store for brands to take over. Market sells the products, and the smaller designers can try their hand with a brick-and-mortar location.  

“We really focus on offering a space to these new emerging designers, somewhere for them to come and test the Dallas market, to really get to know their customer on a one-on-one basis,” says Keenan Walker, Market’s chief creative officer.

The brands work with Walker to select products for a Dallas clientele, plan events, and even build out the space. The brands can paint or wallpaper the walls and bring in their own decor and more to make miniature stores within the store.  

“They were really collaborative and fun,” say Jamie Coulter and Lindsey McClain, whose luxe caftan company, La Vie Style House, appeared in Market in early 2020. The pop-up helped them understand how to run a store; they opened their permanent location just down the block in October of the same year.   

While Summers is one of Highland Park Village’s owners, she insists she can’t promise a permanent spot for every featured brand. “There’s no way we can always say, ‘Oh, well, if you do the pop-up and it’s successful, you can have a store in the Village,’ but it has worked out,” she says. “And I love that.” 

Pop-Ups Forever 

Designers typically set up shop for six to nine months, but three of the seven pop-ups Market has hosted since 2019 have taken up permanent residence.


In residence: Mar. 2021—Jan. 2022
Where it is now: NorthPark Center, opening summer 2022

Jonathan Simkhai

In residence: Jan. 2022—Jan. 2023
Where it is now: at Market

Kimberly McDonald

In residence: Oct. 2020—Jul. 2021
Where it is now: back at Market

La Ligne

In residence: Oct. 2019—Jan. 2020
Where it is now: 26C Highland Park Village

La Vie Style House

In residence: Mar. 2020—Sep. 2020
Where it is now: 60 Highland Park Village


In residence: Mar. 2020—Feb. 2021
Where it is now: 29 Highland Park Village

The Last Line

In residence: Sep. 2021—Feb. 2022
Where it is now:


In residence: Coming Aug. 2022


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