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The 100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas

Our guide to the most over-the-top houses in the city returns. Here are the sprawling spreads of Tony Romo, Mark Cuban, and the rest of Dallas' 1 percent.


Harlan Crow

The real estate developer leaped to the top of the list this year, perhaps because he built a subterranean parking garage at his HP home that accommodates 77 cars.


Lyn and John Muse

The financier who made his first fortune in soft drinks with Tom Hicks and Bobby Haas lives on the Preston Road murderers’ row of this list, with neighbors Jerry Jones, Andy Beal, Deedie Rose, and Ed Cox.


Mehrdad Moayedi

Billionaire Andy Beal bought Tom Hicks’ place and then flipped it to Moayedi, the developer who owns The Statler hotel and has caulk problems. The estate has more than 20 acres, and Moayedi plans to chop them up into little pieces.


Ed Cox

The billionaire and namesake of SMU’s business school secured a 1993 presidential pardon for his son on a bank fraud conviction. That move was totally unrelated to his generous gift to George H.W. Bush’s library in College Station.


Gerald Ford

Forbes puts the banker’s worth at $2.9 billion, and DCAD says he’s got a 20,000-sf spa on his 6-acre estate. He also owns a 1,000-acre thoroughbred horse farm in Kentucky and a 147,000-acre ranch in New Mexico. His wife, Kelli, is an interior decorator with her sister Kirsten.


Roxanne and Gene Phillips

His 16-acre estate sits next to Moayedi’s place. The real estate investor has a website,, that is fun to visit. His name and the word “mafia” together produce interesting Google results. He prefers not to pay his property taxes, using a law that allows senior citizens to indefinitely defer them.


John McReynolds

The president and director of Energy Transfer Partners beats his buddy Kelcy Warren by assembling four contiguous lots that make up 20 acres on Strait Lane, south of H. Ross Perot’s spread.


Gene and Jerry Jones

No other name on this list is more recognizable than Jerry Jones’. That’s because he owns Sky Mirror.


Amy and Malone Mitchell

The TransAtlantic Petroleum CEO, who also owns a 350,000-acre ranch in West Texas, said on a conference call with investors earlier this year: “The company was unable to source debt capital to drill the wells needed to satisfy several of our necessary future lease development requirements. The debt we did obtain required personal real estate collateral and has allowed us to undertake a limited development well program this year to increase production.” His 24,552-sf house has six bathrooms and five half-bathrooms.


Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones

If you hook your drive on the par-3 sixth hole at Dallas Country Club, you’ll hit Jan and Trevor’s new house. Forbes says the oil and gas master is worth $4.8 billion.


Kelcy Warren

His Energy Transfer Partners operates 70,000 miles of pipeline. From Bloomberg: “Warren’s six-bedroom, 13-bathroom home has a chip-and-putt green, a pole-vault pit, a four-lane bowling alley, and a 200-seat theater where the billionaire’s musician pals play private concerts. … He also has ranches in eastern Texas and southwest Colorado, a house on Lake Tahoe, and an island off the coast of Honduras.”


Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger

Together the couple runs a little place called NorthPark Center. Their charitable giving has led to the Nasher Prize and the SOLUNA International Music & Arts Festival. They appear to be shacked up in a tidy $6,232,550 house just down the street from an enormous construction site on 13 acres, where they will have more space for their stuff.


H. Ross Perot

He’s got 16 acres on Strait Lane, but the O.G. of Dallas billionaires lives in a relatively modest 8,200-sf house whose desirability DCAD thinks is only “average.” Watch out for the armed guards.


Lisa Blue Baron

The trial lawyer and widow of Fred Baron put her Robert A.M. Stern-designed house, which sits on 9 acres, on the market in 2015 for $33.5 million. It features an outdoor and indoor pool, gym, billiard room, and conservatory. Naturally, there’s a porte-cochere, too.


Mary Clare Finney

The widow of investor Stan Finney was named in 2016 as one of The Crystal Charity Ball’s Ten Best Dressed Women of Dallas. She lives next door to Gerald Ford in a three-story house with 25,791 square feet. Her roof is slate.


J. Baxter Brinkmann

His company makes outdoor living products, and his house sits across a lake from Lisa Blue Baron’s. We like to imagine him grilling a steak on his patio and waving to her. Then his next-door neighbor Howard Rachofsky invites everyone over to watch Westworld.


Mark Cuban

It remains to be seen whether the “Pants DJ” and the sexual harassment that has occurred during Cuban’s ownership of the Mavericks will lead to his having to sell the team. Either way, his 23,676-sf house sits on 7 acres.


Debbie and John Tolleson

The house was on the market in 2016 for $39 million. From Candy’s Dirt: “It is better than any mansion I have seen in North Texas. Any. It takes your breath away, changes your life, really, with the incredible attention to detail and the evolution of the house over one of the largest lots in the Park Cities.”


Leanne and Richard Malouf

The dentist had a thorny Medicaid fraud situation that did not stop him from building a huge water park in the backyard of his Strait Lane estate. In 2016, it was on the market for $32 million.


Suzanne and Patrick McGee

The co-founder of private equity firm Brazos Private Equity Partners married a Perot, which was a very smart business decision. He’s got a tennis court.


Lisa and Kenny Troutt

The founder of Excel Communications has decided that horse racing is more fun than telecommunications. In June his Justify won the Triple Crown, becoming only the 13th horse to do so. But Troutt is allergic to horsehair. True fact.


H. Doug Barnes

The founder of Eyemart Express listed another of his houses, a 14,279-sf place behind The Beverly Hills Hotel, for $45 million last year. His Dallas house is bigger, with 20,649 square feet. Presumably he can see them all clearly.

[image_grid id=”1″ /]


Thomas Hartland-Mackie

THM’s grandfather founded a wholesale electric materials company in London that the younger man now presumably operates better than the $1.15 million McLaren P1 that he wrecked on the Tollway in 2014. His wife is Nasiba Adilova, who has 108,000 Instagram followers and operates upscale kids’ clothier The Tot.


Carol and Steven Aaron

The chairman and CEO of trucking concern Stevens Transport built a 16,426-sf house in 2014. His compound encompasses two properties, one of which is an acre appraised at $1,778,700. You know what’s on that acre? His driveway.


Robert Dedman Jr.

The son of the founder of ClubCorp has a 12 handicap and lives in an 18,392-sf Park Lane house next to Lee Trevino, which seems appropriate. He got his J.D. from SMU’s Dedman School of Law, which also seems about right.


Teresa and John Amend

The founder of real estate firm The Amend Group owns H.L. Hunt’s old 10-acre Mount Vernon estate, which overlooks White Rock Lake. It’s on the market. If you paid the full $14.9 million asking price, put down 20 percent, and financed the rest on a 4.35 percent, 30-year fixed loan, your monthly payments would be $85,862—but that includes property taxes.


Richard Barrett

Along with his wife, Nona, who died in 2014, the couple amassed the largest and most comprehensive collection of Texas art, and they donated generously to the Dallas Museum of Art.


Shanin and Bryan Wilburn

The former president of Southwest Risk lives next door to H. Ross Perot. Back in 2012, this property was on the market for $30 million. Perhaps because the Wilburns bought an adjacent 4-acre property and tore down the house there. That lot is on the tax rolls for $6,354,090.


Don Henley

The former Eagles frontman gives us fits with his Preston Hollow estate, which includes three contiguous properties. We decided to take it to the limit and include all three in our calculation. The largest of his three properties is appraised at $9.8 million.


Nancy and Richard Rogers

The son of Mary Kay Ash married way out of his league. They bought their house from the Spangenbergs. It has only seven fireplaces, but it does have a sauna.


Guinn Crousen

The president of Progressive Incorporated, the aerostructure division of the Canadian firm Héroux-Devtek, until recently held the world record for largest bighorn sheep ever killed (the hunt for which took two weeks and cost him $200,000 for the tag fee alone). But then, in 2015, a bigger bighorn sheep was killed in a highway collision in Alberta.


Vaughn Vennerberg

The director of XTO Energy built a new house on Beverly Drive. DCAD says the 18,661-sf house has no full baths, which seems terribly inconvenient.


Elaine and Trevor Pearlman

The attorney from South Africa and founder and chairman of Tregan Energy Partners assembled his 6-acre estate by cobbling together three properties. According to the DMN: “The more than 19,000-sf faux French château … has its own private lake, two swimming pools, separate 1,796-sf servants quarters and two cabanas each over 1,000 square feet.”


Joyce and Larry Lacerte

The software executive (Lacerte Software, ExponentHR) was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and has had two bone marrow transplants. His 17,038-sf house sits on a little more than an acre, which might have something to do with the fact that his Canadian-born father started out with a dry-cleaning business. Or those facts might be unrelated.


Scott Ginsburg

The founder of Boardwalk Auto Group lives in an 18,841-sf house on Beverly Drive that has a really sweet pool. He has a private Instagram account to which he has posted exactly five times. We’d pay $20 to see those five posts.


Veruschka and Thomas Dundon

After making his cheddar in subprime auto loans, Dundon built a wild house. From the Triangle Business Journal: “The estate boasts a swimming pool, outdoor tennis court, indoor tennis court facility, a baseball infield, a dance studio, an automated batting cage, a putting green, a go-cart track, a stocked lake, a gym, an indoor and outdoor slide from the second to the first floor and much more.” He financed the construction of the Trinity Forest Golf Club. He owns about 25 percent of Topgolf. He recently bought the 33-story 2100 Ross Avenue tower in downtown so that his new investment firm could have an office. And in January he bought a majority stake in the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes. So clearly he’s not that smart.


Nancy and Clint Carlson

Business Insider reported in January that assets at his investment firm, Carlson Capital, had dropped by nearly $1 billion in the previous five months. DCAD says his house features neither a spa, nor sauna, nor pool, nor even a deck. We therefore recommend that, for distraction from his recent losses, he seek comfort at his one wet bar.


Sharon and Terry Worrell

Once upon a time in America, you had to go buy your music at retail spots like Sound Warehouse where you could sample new releases at “no risk” Listening Centers. The past was stupid. But it made Terry Worrell, Sound Warehouse’s co-founder (and his wife, Sharon), rich enough to buy a home with three wet bars, one of which is the size of a modest New York hotel room.


Tavia and Clark Hunt

Tavia is a community volunteer, sports and glamour enthusiast, pageant and soccer mom, and 1993’s Miss Kansas. She’s married to a man named Clark who does something for an NFL franchise in either Kansas or Missouri and also works with this soccer team that plays in Frisco near the Toyota dealership. Or whatever.

[image_grid id=”2″ /]


Toni and Dan Hunt

Sitcom pitch: younger brother buys home from pro golfer Justin Leonard, moves in down the street from older brother, who is also his boss. They work in sports. Both are average-looking, middle-aged white dudes, yet both married objectively beautiful women. Both spouses run women-focused organizations—one is for profit, one not. Younger brother has the bigger home. Older brother’s home is more highly valued. One has a porte-cochere. The other has an outdoor living room. Wackiness ensues.


Myrna and Robert Schlegel

Ontario-born Robert founded and ran Pavestone Co., one of the country’s largest makers of, well, pavestones, until 2012, when he sold the company for a sweet load of clams. Today, he runs Bedrock Freight Logistics and lives in a house with 12 full bathrooms. But the guy deserves it. After all, he had to grow up in Canada. With America right there.


Aurelia and Brad Heppner

Hashtag puns. Don’t do ’em. The Heppners—Brad is CEO of The Beneficient Co., an investment advisory firm that counts Richard Fisher, former head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, as one of its senior partners—should have taken that advice. Go to Instagram and see their 2015 wedding ceremonies by keying up, ugh, #happilyheppnerafter.


Gayle and Paul Stoffel

The master bedroom in this home shared by two passionate art collectors (Andy Warhol and Ellsworth Kelly originals are among their 100 paintings and sculptures) is a glass box that hangs over a creek. The couple—and we really shouldn’t even have to mention this, because it should be obvious—does not throw stones.


Nancy Marcus

Nancy Marcus, a onetime literature professor at the University of Dallas and SMU, lives in a home that was built in 1929 using money derived from the manufacture of glass canning jars. (Its original owner was a member of the family that founded the Ball Corporation.) Marcus extensively renovated in the late 1990s using money derived from a cable television company called Marcus Cable (owned by Nancy’s former husband, Jeff Marcus). Today, Ball no longer makes canning jars (they sold the name) and cable television companies no longer make anything worth paying for. But the house is cherry.


Candice and Bobby Haas

When he was business partners with Tom Hicks during the leveraged buyout boom of the 1980s, Haas bought Dr Pepper and merged it with 7UP. That $1.3 billion deal helped pay to construct this 18,000-sf neoclassical, French-style mansion on a 3.2-acre site that includes a lake and a guardhouse. Inside there are two kitchens, 13 fireplaces, and a natatorium. The joint is now for sale, offered at $24.5 million.


Al Hill Jr. Family Trust

Hill was the eldest grandson of H.L. Hunt and he died at his home last December. He was 72. The home, fronting Exall Lake, is owned by a family trust. So let the lawsuits begin, kids.


Berry Cox

Berry’s dad, Ed, was a member of SMU’s board of governors when its chairman, Bill Clements, signed off on continued payments to football players in the 1980s. Hot sports opinion: that was wrong. This wasn’t: Berry, who, before retirement, spent 25 years as a director at Home Depot, and his wife, Jeanne, a daughter of the late Sen. John Tower, gave $1 million to SMU’s Tower Scholars Program in 2014.


Trudy and Bob Ladd

Let’s say you founded a Duncanville company in 1969 called Quality Cabinets and grew it from three employees to 2,800 workers, bringing in $150 million in revenue. Then you retired and unretired, then you got into real estate development and named a development after yourself at Richland Chambers Lake. Then you retired again. After all that, would you need five wet bars in your house? If not, then you’re not like Bob Ladd.

[image_grid id=”3″ /]


Ashley Nadeau

Until recently, Ashley Nadeau was listed as owning this newish home with husband Michael Nadeau, the founder of Viverae, a workplace wellness technology company. Now it is solely in her name and he owns a newer, smaller, less expensive six-bedroom, seven-bath home. Michael’s house has one kitchen. Ashley’s has four. Make of that what you will.


Deedie Rose

Architect Antoine Predock’s website thusly describes the home of art patron Deedie Rose (she and her late husband Rusty donated $10 million to the AT&T Performing Arts Center): “The anchored limestone ledges at the entry were designed in the foreground to allude to geologic presence and ancient memories.” Right, sure. Geologic presence. Great. But any dummy can tell you that the best part of Rose’s home is clearly the dynamic curvilinear fenestration of the building envelope.


Anita and Truman Arnold

We don’t know if there’s a Texas-shaped waffle maker in the one kitchen at Anita and Truman’s home. But there is one at the Arnold Dining Commons at SMU, which was underwritten by a $5 million gift from Anita and her husband. (He made his bread as the founder, in 1964, of a Texas-based Conoco distributorship that he built into one of the largest fuel wholesalers in the country.) Pro tip: the Rio Grande Valley really soaks up the syrup in a Texas-shaped waffle.


Wade Barker

Dr. Barker was the first of many indicted in what federal investigators have alleged was a complex scam that fleeced $5 million from BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, UnitedHealthcare, and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. But his 16,000-sf house has 11 fireplaces and three covered outdoor living areas. So the doc can probably go on the lam without ever leaving home.


Leslie and Bill Cornog

Bill Cornog, the global head of KKR Capstone, a division of the investment management firm KKR, bought this house in June 2016, just one year before its architect, Frank Welch, who has been called “the standard bearer of Texas regional modern architecture,” died.


Cheryl and Billy Don Henry

There’s more square footage of living space (11,846) in the home of Billy Don Henry, CEO of commercial insurer McQueary Henry Bowles Troy, than there are people (11,002) in the Panhandle-adjacent ranching town of Vernon, Texas, where both he and his wife grew up. So ol’ Billy Don’s done OK for himself.


Thomas Neuhoff

This historic home, built by Highland Park’s first mayor, W.O. Connor, and now owned by one of his descendants, Judy Austin Neuhoff, and her husband, Thomas Neuhoff (whose family has run eponymous companies specializing in both meatpacking and oil and gas), is on the market. The current $12.7 million price tag is reduced from the original asking price of $18 million. That’s $4.2 million per bedroom. Run, don’t walk.


Guillermo Perales

The property near Ursuline Academy of Dallas sat unoccupied for years after a 2003 fire destroyed the main home. Perales, founder and CEO of Sun Holdings, a company that runs 750 franchise restaurants around the country, rebuilt pretty much everything except the tennis court and garage at the former residence of Scott Ginsburg, the founder of Boardwalk Auto Group. And, yes, Perales installed a sprinkler system.


Alice Worsham Bass

Dick Bass, an oilman and rancher who climbed the seven highest mountains in the world before his death in 2015, used to refer to his wife as “Sweet Alice from Dallas.” Sweet Alice is a Turtle Creek neighbor of Terry Worrell and Gerald Ford, and she also owns a condo in Museum Tower that’s 3,700 square feet, $2.4 million, and has one bedroom. How big is that bedroom?


Barbara and Brian Pratt

Brian Pratt is CEO of Primoris Services Corporation, an infrastructure company most likely named after a comic book super-villain. According to his company website, Primoris “build[s] great projects because we have built a great company—and insist on great performance.” For this home, he built on a great lot purchased from great NFL quarterback Troy Aikman—a great deal, btw—upon which he built this great house for himself and his great wife, whom he calls GreatBarbs.


Jayesha and Atif Hussain

We would like to say that Jayesha and Atif are representative of the best America has to offer. After all, Jayesha is a dentist, and Atif is a cardiologist. She graduated from a prestigious university, and he served in the army. Yeah, but—it was the University of Toronto and the Canadian Army, respectively. And everyone knows Canadians are far better than the average American.


Randall Van Wolfswinkel

RVW has also been a longtime political power player in Santa Barbara County, the area in which he grew up. In recent years, he’s contributed more than $700,000 on various municipal initiatives—against Measure M and for Measure B and Measure S. Honestly, it’s time he bought a vowel.

[image_grid id=”4″ /]


Michelle and Meade Monger

In April 2016, Meade wrote for Chief Executive magazine, “The 21st-century consumer expects a multi-dimensional, bi-directional relationship with her brands.” His house is worth almost $12 million.


Robert Rowling

Rowling is founder of Dallas-based TRT Holdings, the holding company of Omni Hotels & Resorts. A few years ago, he listed his Fort Worth crash pad—aka, the 33rd (top) floor of the Omni Fort Worth Hotel, with a 360-degree view of downtown Cowtown—for $7.9 million. It didn’t sell right away, presumably because it has a 360-degree view of downtown Cowtown.


Hanh and Michael Merriman

Hanh has gone from a 12-year-old in rural Vietnam making patterns from fabric her mother gave her to “one of Dallas’ most original fashion icons,” according to Forty Five Ten co-founder Brian Bolke. Her husband does wine or something.


Jerry Freeman

In 2016, Freeman, who owns Freeman Auto Group, contributed $10,400 to the (Mitch) McConnell for Majority Leader Committee, which seeks to help people overcome the political stigma that stems from millions of online comparisons to Toby Turtle from the animated feature Robin Hood.


Rachel and Randal Polka

The Polkas in 2016 led the capital campaign at K-12 Parish Episcopal School to add a second gymnasium (a 24,000-sf “activity center,” now open) and a state-of-the-art community and performance center, both designed by architectural firm BOKA Powell. You can see renderings of each on various Pinterest pages under the search term “fun PTA ideas.”


Mary and Albert Huddleston

Albert, CEO of Aethon Energy, last year opened “the hardest golf course in Dallas,” according to the Dallas Morning News. Maridoe Golf Club in Carrollton is a portmanteau of his wife’s childhood name. It hopes to one day play host to the U.S. Open but must first find a way to destroy its arch nemesis, Trinity Forest.


Charlotte Jones Anderson

Jerry Jones’ daughter is Dallas Cowboys executive VP and chief brand officer. If her Instagram account is any indication, she can probably out-arm wrestle several players. A recent photo of her with Bon Jovi elicited admiring arms-day comments such as “CJ, you got some guns”; “Are you at the gun show??”; and “Do you have that gun registered?”

[image_grid id=”5″ /]


Laurence Lebowitz

The former chairman of hedge fund HBK owns the historic Beck estate designed by Philip Johnson, and he put it on the market in 2014. It’s still listed as active on, and the asking price appears to have been reduced from $27.5 million to $23 million. Most important if you’re considering buying: it’s in DISD (Walnut Hill Elementary, Cary Middle, and Jefferson High).


Carol and Jeffrey Heller

The Hellers recently donated $500,000 to Southwestern Medical Foundation to help build the new William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. Jeffrey Heller was most well-known professionally as a longtime EDS executive, but most well-known in the skies as a U.S. Marine Corps jet pilot from 1960 to 1966.


Karen and Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is chief operating officer, executive vice president, and director of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys. In 2016, he and his wife listed this home for $11.5 million—most of that payable as a signing bonus, which of course just destroys the Miramar Avenue salary cap.


Nancy and Randy Best

Randy Best is CEO of Academic Partnerships, which specializes in e-learning solutions. A 2012 Texas Observer article was headlined “Randy Best Is Going to Save Texas’ Public Universities, Or Get Rich Trying.” [checks state of Texas public universities] Appears he got rich trying.


Joe B. Garza Sr.

He is the name partner at Garza & Harris, which in February played host to a surprise party thrown by FBI and IRS agents, who playfully “raided” the offices of the tax planning attorney known for his “aggressive” tax shelters. An FBI spokeswoman at the time would only say that agents were “conducting law enforcement activity.” Corporate speak for toga party.


Candice Crawford and Tony Romo

Tony Romo soon returns for his sophomore season as CBS’ lead NFL analyst. Word is that this year not only will he predict plays before they occur—a neat bit of in-game insight that quickly became his trademark—but he will also do a shot of Tito’s each time he’s wrong, just to, quote, “rub Aikman’s face in it.”


Richard Gussoni

The catering guru was taught cooking by a great uncle who was once the chef to Pope Pius XII, who led the Vatican through WWII. Although “neutral,” Pius worked with the German Resistance and spoke out against wartime atrocities. Probably why Gussoni’s food seems to be on the right side of history.


Denise and Larry Wolford

You know what maxillofacial surgeon Larry and his dentist wife, Denise, don’t have to do when they park their cars in their 1,320-sf, attached garage? Back out. The garage is set up as a drive-through. Whatever time they’ve saved going in and out, though, wasn’t used coming up with names for their five kids: Dax, Dallas, Demi, Dylan, and Dash.


Lucy and Henry Billingsley

When Tracy Morgan’s spacey celebrity character on 30 Rock was asked, “You must know Arsenio?” he replied, “Hall or Billingham?” Which prompted a follow-up: “You know someone named Arsenio Billingham?” To which he answered, flatly, “No.” Does that have something to do with Trammell Crow’s daughter, Lucy, and her husband, Henry, who, in 1978 co-founded the real estate developer Billingsley Co., which built downtown’s One Arts Plaza? No.


Kanika and Vinay Jain

“The only real estate I’ve bought is my home,” Vinay told the Morning News a couple of years ago, after he and Kanika announced that the foundation they run, the Shraman South Asian Cultural Center, had purchased a 4.7-acre site at Woodall Rodgers and Field Street and would build a museum and park there. Humblebrag much? Vinay’s oncology practice (he also founded CURE magazine) has bought his family a plot that’s 3 acres bigger than where their museum is allegedly going. The site includes an eight-car garage and 1.5-acre lake.


Gladys Carr

This very magazine once described Gladys Carr, known to most as “Sis,” as a “balletomane.” If you know what that word means without looking it up, then we will plié to you. Also, you won’t be seeing this name on this list again. In early 2016, Carr died in the home, which she and her oilman husband started building in 1952. The massive, wooded, 8-acre site owned by a family trust is reportedly being divided into separate lots for sale and redevelopment.


Patrick Sands

You wouldn’t think a man who owns an 11,594-sf Highland Park home would need much, especially if he’s the son of Caroline Hunt—daughter of H.L. himself—and the brother (and co-worker) of Stephen Sands, who oversees luxe accommodator Rosewood Corp. But Patrick Sands needs 13 marble pinch bowls from Sur La Table—one of several unfilled registry items from his 2016 wedding to Kristy Morgan. Help a brother out!


Tammi and Jay Adair

Jay is the CEO of Copart, a car auction firm, where he has worked since 1989, when he was 19. Jay and Tammi reportedly enjoy spending time at their California vineyard, Suisun Valley, where they make a private estate Cabernet Sauvignon that they take pleasure in sharing with friends and business associates. Again, reportedly.


Nancy Perot

Nancy’s property backs up to her sister Suzanne’s place. Last year she opened an independent bookstore in Dallas called Interabang Books. She has used a Kindle, and, for the record, she doesn’t like it.


Shannon and Sam Gilliland

The chairman emeritus of Sabre Corporation lives with his wife in a 10-year-old, 11,152-sf house with a tile roof. We assume he knows all sorts of tricks for booking cheap flights.


Terri and Bobby Brittingham

The son of the founder of Daltile lives across Beverly Drive from the Dallas Country Club. His father Robert’s old house, which overlooks White Rock Lake and is filled with more tile than you can possibly imagine, is on the market for $7 million.


Jean and Mack Pogue

Along with his son Brent, the founder of Lincoln Property Company amassed a rare coin collection that was put up for auction in 2015 and expected to fetch $200 million. Here is where a joke about “old money” would be appropriate.


Stacey and William Quinn

After some time at Hicks Muse, Rainwater, and Natural Gas Partners, he started his own private equity outfit, Pearl Energy Investments. He told Wharton Magazine (he graduated in 1992) that he takes investing “very cautiously.”

[image_grid id=”6″ /]


Amanda and G. Brint Ryan

In January his tax consulting firm bought Austin-based Petrotax Energy Holdings and San Antonio-based Scott B. Retzloff & Associates. We applaud both of those acquisitions, just as we applaud Ryan’s 20,254-sf Strait Lane house. Because it’s big. And it’s next door to H. Ross Perot.


Marilyn and William Oates

The chairman of Global 360 and his wife own three adjacent estates on Lakeside Drive, which is, in our opinion, pretty amazing. The other two are on the tax rolls for $6,112,000 and $7,213,000.


Newt Walker

The real estate broker lives in a 9,094-sf house that DCAD says is one and a half stories. We imagine Walker walking around that half-story like Will Smith when he visits the worms in Men in Black.


Lana and Barry Andrews

It goes without saying that the two wet bars in the couple’s Beverly Drive house are well-stocked with Coors and Miller Lite. Probably even some Rolling Rock. Because he’s a beer distributor.


Debbie and Frank Branson

She is a personal injury lawyer. He, too, is a personal injury lawyer. Good luck filing a slip-and-fall claim if you visit their house and take a tumble in one of their five full bathrooms.


Elisa Summers

She is the daughter of Al Hill Jr., which means she’s a Hunt. Along with her sister Heather Hill Washburne, she owns Highland Park Village.


Deborah and Royal Carson

The founder of Carson Private Capital and his wife live on a 4.3-acre Park Lane estate that does not have a basement.


Carolyn and Karl Rathjen

You’ll recall that in 1992, H. Ross Perot quit the presidential race because he thought Republican rogues planned to sabotage one of his daughter’s weddings. Yup, that was Carolyn.


Diane Gibby and Rodney Rohrich

Diane and Rodney took a page from the Branson playbook. Except they are both plastic surgeons and not personal injury lawyers. So if you fall in one of the nine full baths at their 20,854-sf house, and if you suffer a severe facial laceration, Diane can fix you up. Or Rodney can do it.


Cary Maguire

The oilman has donated a lot of money to SMU, and his Park Lane estate sits next to the Haemiseggers’ massive project.


Lori and Jerry Jones Jr.

Lori is a “former Olympic-caliber equestrian rider,” according to the Dallas Observer. Jerry is a current member of the Cowboys-running Jones family. The couple bought an adjacent lot that is on the tax rolls for $6,280,830, but seeing as how it appears construction is underway on that parcel, we’ll wait till next time to add the two for his ranking.


Trung Minh Tang

Tang is a dentist and partner in MB2 Dental Solutions, the dental management company that in January 2017 agreed to pay $8.45 million to the United States and the Texas Medicaid program to settle claims that it violated the False Claims Act. (Tang also personally had to pay $250,000.) That likely has no bearing on the fact that his 14,883-sf Bluffview house (built in 2010) has an equal number of fireplaces and full baths—six.


Pamela and Mark Okada

You may recognize Mark Okada, the co-founder and chief investment officer of Highland Capital Management, from his appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg. Neighbors on Briarwood Lane know the Okadas as the couple whose 16,265-sf house has a pool but, curiously, no spa or deck.


Penny Reid and Thomas Nolan

On Tom Nolan’s long résumé in the real estate investment industry, the most notable entry is his stint as chief operating officer at The Howard Hughes Corporation. The exterior walls on the 4-year-old, 11,324-sf Highland Park house he shares with wife Penny are stone veneer. But that fence? Solid stone, baby.


April and Jeffrey Manson

In March, April posted to Instagram a photo of Jeffrey wearing a t-shirt that read, “I’m a fussy bitch,” which his office had bought him for his birthday. No complaints about locking in the last spot on the list.

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Former Mayor Tom Leppert: Let’s Get Back on Track, Dallas

The city has an opportunity to lead the charge in becoming a more connected and efficient America, writes the former public official and construction company CEO.