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Subscriber Spotlight: Sarah Webb

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Sarah Webb blogs at "Venus Trapped in Mars."

Subscriber Spotlight: Sarah Webb

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Sarah Webb


Sports and lifestyle blogger at Venus Trapped in Mars

Area of Residence

Oak Cliff

How long have you been in Dallas?

It will be four years on August 4.

What’s your favorite Dallas restaurant?

When I first moved to Dallas, I was lucky enough to live in the best neighborhood on Earth, Deep Ellum. I like to joke that “Pete Za” is my boyfriend, so Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum will always have my heart.

What’s your ideal way to spend a weekend in Dallas?

An ideal weekend in Dallas takes place in early November when the weather is just perfect. I’d kick the weekend off right with bloodies at Anvil Pub in Deep Ellum. I’d then take my two rescue pups to our favorite spot on a beautiful sunny Dallas day, Mutt’s. After the pups have worn themselves out, in a perfect world, I’d be the proud owner of two tickets to a Mavs or Stars game. After screaming my lungs out at the refs at the game, my boyfriend and I would have plans to meet up with friends and tear up my favorite neighborhood, Deep Ellum, hitting all of the staples, like Black Swan and Twilight. Sunday is always reserved for a hearty brunch, preferably at Johnathon’s, with our neighbors in Oak Cliff! Finally, what do all good Dallas residents do on an IDEAL Sunday? Pray for a Cowboys W.

Are you involved with any local charities? If so, which ones? How are you involved?

When I first moved here, I did some graphic design work for Paws in the City, and even adopted Veenie, my sweet Jack Russell from them!

What’s your favorite thing about Dallas?

The sports teams. I’m a huge sports nut and coming from Knoxville, Tennessee (that other great T state), I’d never had access to any pro teams. Nothing makes me happier than a weekend that includes a trip to Jerry World, Globe Life, or the AAC. Oh, and that beautiful Downtown Dallas skyline ain’t too shabby either.

What’s your favorite Dallas landmark?

This sounds touristy, but I love Reunion Tower. I love how proud it makes me to be a Dallas resident, as I stare at it glowing white and blue after a Mavs victory, or flashing victory green when the Stars win.

What’s one thing you would change about the city?

Dallas makes it tough to make new friends. I struggled the first two years I lived here, doing everything I could think of to make new friends. If you see a girl and her dog at Mutts sitting alone, don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with her! You never know, she could be a cool chick and maybe even your new best friend.

Why do you subscribe to D Magazine?

I’m happiest when I have plans. Plans for dinner, plans for a concert, or plans for a local festival. D Magazine helps me stay in the know about everything from the best new places to eat, to where I need to be hanging out on Friday night. D Magazine keeps my weekend excitement levels high and my planner full.