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Liberate Your Toes

A defense of men wearing flip-flops, with a little help from Hari Mari.
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There are those who would tell you that a grown man should not wear flip-flops in public unless he is near a body of water (lake, pool, etc.). These people are not only wrong, they are evil. They are the same puritans who prefer that sex happen with the lights off—if sex happens at all. In Dallas, in the heat of summer, they would have men’s feet socked and shod and sweating perpetually. Well, we won’t take it. No, sir. We are here to stand up for truth, justice, and the flip-flop. Yes, men ought to pay attention to their feet. Comfort should not be attained at the cost of slovenliness.  Keep those toenails trimmed, men. And we’re not suggesting you wear flip-flops to work or church. But otherwise, set those dogs free. Slide on a pair of flip-flops. We recommend the products of a Dallas-based flip-flop concern called Hari Mari, launched in 2012. Ranging in price from about $40 to $75, depending on the model, they are stylish and well-constructed. Earlier this year, Nordstrom rolled out the line to 74 of its stores. Some Gap stores began carrying them in May. For a full list of local retailers that carry them, go to But here’s a pro tip: they sell samples and overstocks out of their East Dallas office at a deep discount.