SO HAPPY TOGETHER: Emmett and Owen Ezell were born conjoined at the upper and lower chests. They still use tracheal tubes, but those will be removed next year.

Medical Miracles

These amazing but true tales will blow your mind.

Best _doctors _dallas _2014_thumb

Meet the Top Physicians in the City

As chosen by their peers.

Medical _miracle _Ezell _Twins _conjoined _renard _thumb

The Twins Who Were Born as One

They gained a shot at life thanks to an army of medical professionals and a 10-hour surgery.

Medical _miracle _Ron _Kirk _thumb

Ron Kirk’s Brush With Death

A matter of inches spared the former Dallas mayor’s life.

Medical _miracle _annie _Altizer _thumb

The Soccer Player Who Couldn’t Walk

A McKinney teenager works to overcome transverse myelitis.

Medical _miracle _Makenzie _Wethington _thumb

The Girl Who Fell to Earth

A skydiving adventure became a nightmare for this teenager.

Medical _miracle _ofa _clark _quintuplets _thumb

The Woman Who Birthed 5 Babies in 4 Minutes

A high-risk pregnancy super-sized the Clark family.

Medical _miracle _sid _OBryant _thumb

The Bodybuilder Who Wants to Fix Our Brains

Dr. Sid O’Bryant is seeking to uncover the secrets of Alzheimer’s.

Hospice _terminal _patients _thumb (1)

Dying on Our Own Terms

No one will say it publicly, but it is. So why does it continue to haunt us?


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