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5 Great Dallas Juice Bars

You’ll feel swell after a visit to one of these joints.
Photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Photography by Elizabeth Lavin



What: Delivery service and retail at Number One
Why: Owners Annie Portman and Liz Black want to make juicing a success story for everyone who gives it a try. Health consultants will answer your questions, and the beginner cleanse includes four vegetable-based juice blends with raw dinner recipes.
What to order: A single juice to sip at Number One’s cafe or, online, customizable 6-packs of juice and full cleanse kits made of coldpressed fruits and veggies, often from local farms. Try the pineapple, pear, apple, romaine, and mint.
Price per juice: $55 per 6-pack
Cleanse: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert in one-, three-, and five-day kits ($55 to $275)



What: Juice and salad bar
Why: Stop by for the addictive Green Glow blend (apple, kale, cucumber, lemon, and ginger) and shot of cheer from owners and healthy living devotees Mary Kathryn Bass and Leslie Needleman (a certified health counselor), who also offer organic, vegan snacks like kale and quinoa.
What to order: One of 10 made-to-order juices to sip on the run, a cold-pressed juice to save for later, or a cleanse kit. Add an extra shot of spinach or kale to any juice for $1.
Price per juice: $2.50 to $8
Cleanse: One-day cleanse with six juices ($55), three-day cleanse with 18 juices ($165), or a five-day cleanse with 30 juices ($250)


Beyond Pilates, Bolsa Mercado, Greenz at Equinox, etc.

What: Delivery service and retail
Why: Have a cleanse kit delivered right to your house. The $50-per-day Detox & Cleanse offers eight 16-ounce, cold-pressed blends daily to keep you sipping until bedtime. If detoxing isn’t your thing, try the tasty Cocktail Mixers kit.
What to order: A 16-ounce, pre-bottled blend from retailers around town or delivery service of a one to five-day cleanse kit of cold-pressed juice blends made from local fruits and vegetables
Price per juice: $7 to $8
Cleanse: Detox & Cleanse kit with eight juices a day ($50 per day) or The 6 Pack three- and five-day


What: Juice bar
Why: Tom Hennings, who, along with his wife, Lisa, owns an exercise studio next door called The Bar Method, opened this juice kitchen with chef Heidi Lane to provide replenishing blends, smoothies, and healthy snacks (like local Groovin’ on Granola and Hail Merry macaroons) for post-workout and everyday energy.
What to order: A replenishing, cold-pressed juice, which will last up to three days, or an on-the-go Creative Juice blend with organic fruits and veggies after a good workout next door
Price per juice: $7.50 to $8.50
Cleanse: Day Drinker juice-until-dinner kit with four juices ($34 per day), The Freelancer custom cleanse kit with six juices ($51 per day), and The Greenskeeper kit with eight bottles ($68 per day)




What: Juice bar
Why: Owners Kristin Moses and Laurie Gatlin consider juicing part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s nestled in their Uptown fitness studio, Bodybar. Organic juices are made here fresh daily and stocked, pre-bottled, in the two other gym locations.

What to order: One of six raw juice blends, like The Skinny (kale, celery, grapefruit, apple, and lime), after a good sweat on the machines or a lemonade concoction (lemon, cayenne, maple syrup, and water) for an on-the-go boost.
Price per juice: $6.50 to $8
Cleanse: 3-Day Cleanse kit with six 16-ounce blends ($165)



This minty green juice is as delicious as a mojito. Pear provides an energy boost, and pineapple and apple provide vascular health benefi ts.
INGREDIENTS: 1/3 head of romaine, 1/4 pineapple (no rind), 2 green apples (quartered), 2 pears (quartered), 2 sprigs of mint
INSTRUCTIONS: Toss everything in juicer and enjoy. Makes 16 to 18 ounces.