Saucy's pho photography by Kevin Marple

Restaurant Review: Saucy’s Thai & Pho

Good, familiar flavors from the folks behind Thai Thai.

This small, 50-seat restaurant next door to Natalie’s Restaurant in Preston Royal is a spin-off of Thai Thai on lowest Greenville Avenue. Our server told us Saucy’s menu was “pretty much the same” as Thai Thai. It’s full of familiar Dallas Thai restaurant fare, such as pad Thai, lemongrass chicken, and spicy noodles. But the kitchen doesn’t take short cuts, and each of the above-mentioned dishes is well spiced, not overly sauced, and pungent. Their list of curries is short but satisfying, especially on a cold winter’s night. Two stand out: the massaman curry with tender beef, potatoes, onions, and carrots served in a rich, not spicy, coconut-milk broth backed with a hint of peanut; and the green curry, a fiery soup filled with bamboo shoots, sweet basil, and slices of bell pepper and zucchini. Be sure to have a heap of hot jasmine rice to battle the heat. The first time we visited, Saucy’s was BYOB, and we popped across the street to Spec’s for a bottle of Champagne. The next time we arrived loaded with wine only to be handed an uninspired list of wine, and beer. What a bummer. Good Thai food deserves to be celebrated with a fine flute of bubbly.

For more information about Saucy’s Thai & Pho, visit our restaurant directory.

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