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Other articles of interest in our December 2012 edition.

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Crow’s Nest

How Harlan Crow transformed a run-down, historic hospital campus into a stunning corporate park with the most expensive lease rates in Dallas..
by Christine Perez

Slinging Mud

by Jeanne Prejean

Bowled Over

by Todd Johnson

Serving It Up

by Jeanne Prejean

Back Story

Cleavage will always be classic, but ladies today are eager to show a little backbone.
by Kristi and Scot Redman

Focus Group

A photography magazine turns its pages over to today’s leading talent.
by Lucia Simek

A Love Story

James Woodard served 27 years in a prison for someone else’s crime. For him, freedom probed hard to handle.
by Curt Sampson

Coming Up Short

One man’s four-year struggle to avoid wearing pants.
by Tim Rogers

Extra Time

Tatu and the Dallas Sidekicks are back, eight years later.
by Michael J. Mooney

Power Couple

Tatu and the Dallas Sidekicks are back, .
by Tim Rogers

Power Couple

Carole and Jim Young are making the world a better place, one 18-minute discussion at a time.
by Krista Nightengale

The Fragile Army

The Polyphonic Spree’s Tim DeLaughter wonders how much longer his super-size band can last.
by Peter Simek