photography courtesy of DeLos Vodka

Vodka, Dallas Style

The North Texas, family-run DeLos distillery turns out smooth vodka with a pleasant price tag.

Carlos Guillem is a busy man. when he isn’t focused on his career as a corporate pilot, he creates what he believes is the smoothest vodka available—DeLos Vodka.

The first bottles were shipped from the Lewisville distillery in early July for distribution throughout North Texas. Expanding to Central Texas in October, DeLos hopes to be statewide in February. 

DeLos was named after Guillem’s nickname, Los, and the Spanish word “from.” DeLos is a family business. His wife is the accountant, and the packaging is handled by his brother and Mom and Dad. The stills and fermentation tanks are named after his daughter, nieces, and nephews. 

A gray ribbon adorns the back of each DeLos bottle in honor of Guillem’s niece, Crystal, who passed away from brain cancer in 2004. Today, 10 percent of the profits from the company is given to Children’s Medical Center of Dallas for brain cancer research. 

DeLos is made with a triple-vacuum distillation process, where suction, instead of heat, is used to move the alcohol through the still. This creates a smooth vodka that doesn’t burn when you swallow. DeLos creates each slow-process batch with pride, fulfilling the brand’s superior flavor objectives. Bonus, impeccable taste comes with a welcomed price. A 750-milliliter bottle costs less than $20. Guillem beams as he describes the best way to sample his product: “DeLos, ice, lime with a splash of water.”


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