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Wine: Coquerel Family Wine Estates

By Hayley Hamilton |

Dr. Clay and Brenda Cockerell are passionate about Texas, travel, food, and wine. Both born in Abilene, they lived across the state (and country) before settling in Dallas more than 20 years ago when Clay, a dermatopathologist and dermatologist, joined UT Southwestern Medical Center. 

Longtime wine collectors and enthusiasts, an anniversary trip to Bordeaux inspired them to not just collect, but try their hand at making classic, Bordeaux-style wine. Six years later, with the help of Bordeaux-born winemaker Christine Barbe and vineyard manager John Truchard, they are successfully making two dry Sauvignon Blancs, along with one “mistake” late-harvest dessert Sauvignon Blanc. The latter is the result of a spring freeze that hit their Napa Valley vineyard ruining several vines. Rather than dump the grapes, they opted to experiment, leaving the grapes on the vine for longer ripening. The result is a delicate dessert wine with balanced sweetness, acidity, and freshness. Ten rows of vines are now devoted to their late harvest, La Douce Revanche, “Sweet Revenge.” Only 44 cases were made in 2008. They are expecting about 150 cases of this delightful accident this year. Order from www.cockerellwines.com.