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Say Yes to Crepes at Yes Cafe

It’s open late night—and it’s Japanese without sushi.
photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Raise your hand if you remember the Magic Pan at NorthPark. You know, the place with the tall-toqued chef who stood in the center of the restaurant and swirled pancake batter into thin crêpes that the kitchen stuffed with everything from ratatouille to green tea ice cream. It was a hot spot. Now Richardson is the up-and-coming burb to hang, and Yes Cafe is the city’s heart of hipness. It’s a late-night (open until 2 am on weekends), WiFi wacky, crêpe-stuffin’ hangout. And—drum roll, please—it’s Japanese without sushi! Owner Jas Chu presents sweet and savory Japanese crêpes wrapped like burritos. That makes it easy to eat with one hand while you check your MySpace page with the other. How cool is that?

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