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Jean Goddess
Dallas girl Diana Tebeshi designs what we all desire: the perfect jeans.

NAME GAME: Tebeshi says she was inspired by Roman goddesses. Each style is named after one.

As every girl can attest, the right jeans—the ones that flatten your tummy, shrink your bum, and lengthen your legs—can make you feel like a supermodel. Enter Diana Tebeshi, who wanted to create the perfect pair for women of all sizes. She learned about design from her mother, who was a seamstress and pattern maker. After more than a decade in the fashion biz (as a personal shopper, buyer, and store owner), she’s now putting those designing genes to good use.

Tebeshi launched Denim for Immortality last September at Saks Fifth Avenue and Henri Bendel in New York, and, before long, a three-month supply was flying out the door in less than three weeks. Tebeshi’s celebrity worshippers include Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, and Molly Sims. We sat down with Tebeshi to find out why her styles rule.

D MAGAZINE: How and when did you come up with the concept for Denim for Immortality?
DIANA TEBESHI: Four years ago, I started researching denim fabric. I wanted to introduce a line that was made for today’s woman, to make them feel good about their bodies. To create such a jean, you must start with superior fabric. Two years of my research was dedicated to developing a fabric that would not only feel good on the body, but it would also truly fit a woman’s curves. I named it Denim for Immortality because a good pair of jeans must be everlasting—that means fabric, quality, fit, details, and style.

D: Why jeans?
TEBESHI: I love denim. It’s all I wear. I have always had to sacrifice something when it came to jeans—the quality of the fabric, the fit, the wash—so I was motivated to create a line without a single concession.

D: What’s different about your line?
TEBESHI: Unlike other denim producers who get their fabric from the mill’s stock inventory, we require specific characteristics that are essential in making a flawless fabric. For example, Juno’s [a basic style in the line] fabric has built-in memory that will keep its shape for five consecutive days without stretching. Our back-pocket placement, combined with a dark wash that outlines the finely tuned areas in the back of the thighs, give the appearance of a smaller bum. Also, the contour of the waistband, longer belt loops, and positioning of the front pockets make the stomach look flatter.

D: Who are you designing for?
Women from ages 16 to 65. The jeans target sexy and sophisticated groups who go for quality and fit.

D: What inspires you?
Simplicity is an inspiration. I find elegance in simplicity, yet I love small touches that are difficult to attain. When I started my research, a denim designer told me that everything that can be done to denim has been done already. “What can you do better?” he asked. My answer to him was “everything.” My goal was to take denim to a new level. When my samples were finally ready, the same designer looked at the final product and his eyes sparkled.

Find Denim for Immortality at Elements, Krimson & Klover, La Femme, The Glass Slipper, and Saks Fifth Avenue, Galleria Dallas. $188-$250.

Photos: Skin tint, bath products, and aromabeads: Abel Sanchez; Necklace: Courtesy of Marni Rocks; Gloves: Courtesy of Banana Republic; Perfume: Courtesy of L’artisan; Handbag: Courtesy of Bottega Veneta: Jeans: Elizabeth Lavin