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D Magazine November 2003

Business: The Great Pretender

David McDavid made a fortune selling cars—but that wasn’t high-profile enough. Now, more than anything, he wants to be a sports-team owner. Why can’t he pull it off?

Culture: How a Brit Sees Dallas

I fell in love with a famous artist who showed me the wonders of London—and, in the process, rediscovered his affection for his city. But then I got homesick and made him move to Dallas. Now it’s my turn.

First Person: Lunch at the Kiddie Table

I took my 4-year-old son to an etiquette class at the Mansion on Turtle Creek—and lived to tell about it.

Home of the Year

When Dennis and Rosemary Heard were looking to downsize from their Willow Bend manse, they hired architect Lionel Morrison. He designed a sleek, modern, two-story house that combines high-rise living with the intimacy of Highland Park.

Publisher’s Note

A new stadium for the Cowboys?


The new artistic director at Texas Ballet Theater, Miss Black Texas talks udders, Tim Curry squares against Tim Curry, revisiting the JFK assassination, and more.

Showdown at Grammy High

Booker T. Washington has turned out several Grammy winners—Norah Jones and Erykah Badu, to name just two. But a new principal and the controversial music director could change all that.

Southwest Cuisine: Celebrating 20 Years

In the early ’80s, five Texas chefs started making headlines in the national food news. These culinary revolutionaries were blending the culture and ingredients of the Southwest into an inspired new kind of cuisine. Thanks to the efforts of this Gang of F


Flirty, feminine blouses take the edge off, and vintage scarves add a touch of class.
Best Lists

The Best Public High Schools in Dallas

We’ve talked to admissions officers, school administrators, and educators, and they all agree: AP is the best way to prepare for college. Students are now enrolling at light speed. These are how the local schools stack up.

Travel: Lajitas

Discover Lajitas, a strange and sublime desert hideout.

Village on the Parkway

Hot shops for cool stuff at this revamped shopping center.