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D Magazine December 2002


Chef’s Choice Awards

Dallas is one of the most competitive dining markets in the country,
which means our local chefs and restaurateurs know their stuff. So when
they speak, we listen. These are their picks of the best of Dallas
dining scene.
By D Magazine

City Life: Why Portland Works and How Dallas Could

Portland adopted its Downtown Plan in 1972 and has been winning urban planning awards ever since. Here are six lessons Dallas could learn from the architects, planners, developers—and even the voters—of Portland, the poster child for New Urbanism.
By Adam McGill


This month’s contibuting editors, stylists, and photographers.
By D Magazine

Dallas Look: Fancy That

Put away those drab black cocktail dresses and camel-colored coats. This holiday season, go for glam.

By Kristie Ramirez
Cover Story

Dallas Shops

Dallas is famous for shopping. It’s our our raison d’être. It’s what we do best. In several serious months of shoe leather reporting in the truest sense, D Magazine has come up with its first guide to shopping in Dallas. We found the best stores for fashion queens (and victims), conspicuous consumers, and bargain hunters. And we came to two conclusions. One, there are too many expensive candles for sale. Two, Dallas offers the best shopping on earth. Here it is. . So, after several serious months of shoe leather reporting in the truest sense, D Magazine has come up with its first guide to shopping in Dallas, including the best stores for fashion queens, conspicuous consumers, and bargain hunters. Get your credit cards ready.



Readers talk back about doctors, maids, and dancers.
By D Magazine

First Person: My First Pedicure

Should a real man ever get a pedicure? I went to Spa Pangéa to find out and wound up insulting Michael Scott.
By Tim Rogers

Publisher’s Note: The New Conservative Revolt

How conservatism got bought up by big business and what one man is doing about it.


The best radio station ever that lasted only 72 hours, what it feels
like to lose $12 million in a week, Woman on Top, and more.
By Tim Rogers

Society: Confessions of a Social Climber

I go to the right parties. I know the right people. My friends’ names appear in bold every week in Paper City. So why doesn’t the camera love me?
By Ray Allen
Best Lists

The Best Financial Planners in Dallas

Worried about retirement? Has your portfolio taken a beating? Now, more than ever, you need a financial plan. Our exclusive survey reveals the top 106 professionals to get your house in order.
By Dawn McMullan

The Kid You Want to Know

Meet restaurateur wunderkid Tristan Simon, the New Age-talking, good-looking owner of Sense and Cuba Libre. He’s got the most powerful people in town eating out of his hand and clamoring to get into Sense, the most exclusive nightclub in town.
By Nancy Nichols


Experience the refined version of Cancun at Paraiso de la Bonita Resort.

By Jennifer Chininis

Walls of Light

Even the largest checkbook cannot make up for the admitted curatorial
deficiencies at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. So world-renowned
architect Tadao Ando made sure there’s something to see at the new
space—the building itself.