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D Magazine June 2001


Did This Creep Really Kill Ashley Estell?

Michael Blair was sentenced to die for the 1993 murder of 7-year-old Ashley Estell, abducted from a crowded Plano soccer field. In 800 pages of correspondence with me, Blair insisted he was innocent of Ashley’s murder but confessed to molesting up to 17 o
By Jacque Hilburn
40 Greatest Stories

The Day I Shot My Dog

I love my pets. But we’ve had our awkward moments. From Mitzi the mutt to Spike the goat to Electra the incontinent, these are their stories.

Perspective : How I Became Human Again

The longtime Morning News columnist takes the journalism cure in early retirement.
By John Anders
Best Lists

Pets: An Owner’s Manual

People are crazy about their pets. In fact, these furry and feathery friends are more often than not members of the family. So to pay homage to animal lovers all over Dallas, we’ve put together the ultimate pet package: best vet
By Dawn McMullan

Pulse of the City

Florence Shapiro keeps Texas ugly, Fort Worth’s teen singing sensation, why we’re not eating beef (and it’s not mad cow), and more
By D Magazine

Street Talk : Who Owns Your Brain?

Alcatel’s recent litigious crusade to protect its intellectual property has made it the bully of the Telecom Corridor. But does Alcatel own its employees’ thoughts?
By Dan Michalski

The Next Cool Thing

As the days of summer get longer and the temperature rises, we seek cool comfort wherever we can find it. The good news is there’s a refreshing new frozen libation—with a funny name—making a big splash in Dallas.
By Todd Johnson