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D Magazine November 1998

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By D Magazine

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HEALTH The Evolution of Health Insurance

Nobody accepts a job offer today without wanting to know in detail what the health benefits are. Receiving comprehensive health insurance has become so important in people’s lives that employee benefit health plans now represent almost half of all compensation for many of today’s companies.

Home & Design Mosaic Masterpieces

The latest floor treatments take an artistic approach to this often-neglected design element.
By Dawn McMullan

Hot Spot

By D Magazine

Likely Stories “Architectural Digest calling.”

The three words Dallas socialites will never hear still have them trembling in anticipation. But the phone never rings.
By Kimberly Goad

Reporter’s Notebook Death of the Patriarch

Mandy Dealey and her brother were the privileged children of a devoted father. But his grand ambition to leave them a legacy of millions shattered the family and cost his life.
By Glenna Whitley

Spot Light

By D Magazine


Plano’s greedy girl took her investors on a wild ride, fooling everyone-including her husband.
By Glenna Whitley

The Real City Listen. Adapt. Surprise.

La Madeleine founder Patrick Esquerre brought French elan to Dallas. But his company outgrew him, and now he’s reinventing himself in the classic Dallas style.
By Mary Brown Malouf