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BY WAY OF SURVEYS, D’S REGULAR READ-ers have told us that they: a) read and enjoy business publications like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Fortune; and b) rank D Business stories among their favorites in D magazine. This feedback has helped us articulate what a magazine for business leaders should be. The message is clear: North Texas business leaders want to read about actionable strategies that they can carry into their own enterprises, regardless of industry.

In this issue, D Business delivers strategies from three of our region’s most important industries. Richard Rainwater’s Crescent Real Estate Equities Company tries to control markets instead of individual products. Local bankers discuss gaining pieces of a market dominated by fewer, bigger players. And Cyrix demonstrates how to take on a much larger competitor, Intel.

ONE STRATEGIC INITIATIVE THAT WE ALL NEED to examine is how to make more productive use of our relationship with our number one trade partner, Mexico.

In 1996, U.S. exports to Mexico totalled $56.8 billion. Half of that came from Texas. Thanks to Dallas-Foil Worth International Airport and Interstate Highway 35, the lion’s share of that trade comes through North Texas. We read such statistics in the paper every day; they indicate great success and greater promise. But we know that business is built on relationships, not statistics.

For thai reason, we are undertaking three initiatives focusing on Mexico. This month we publish the premiere issue of D: Dallas y Mexico. In September, we will bring a group of Mexican families to Dallas/Fort Worth on a trip focusing on culture and leisure. Finally, this spring we will host a “DFW/Mexico Trade and Investment Forum,” which will bring together over 4(W1 business people from both sides of the border to discuss opportunities in their respective markets, Participants will learn how to enhance trade-not on an abstract, national-policy level, but on a business-to-business basis.

We look forward to learning from our friends from Mexico. Regardless of industry, cross-border trade may be the most important issue that we as business leaders face.