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WHO SAYS DALLAS IS TOO FLAT? FOR that matter, who says Dallas is too conservative? Certainty we welcome eye-popping, attention-grabbing additions to the local skyline. And obviously we are supportive of beautiful women in red dresses. (Witness this month’s cover.) But something about this billboard, peculiar but at the same time hard to pinpoint, irritates us. Is it the missing question mark? Nah, we’ll overlook a typo. Is it the seductively arched back and suggestive contours of the dress? Nope. Is it the billboard’s unabashed reference to our collective insecurity about living in the flat-lands? Possibly. The Dallas landscape, truth be told, is unvarying and at times tiresome, and no sort of surgery can create a mountain range. Credit is due to the copywriters; for the clever twist on a tourist’s cliché. But for shame, for shame to insinuate that the only way to get a rise in the horizon is for a woman to lie on her back.

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