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After reading your article on the underground society of the Koon Kreek Klub [’’Secret Hideaways of the Rich and Famous,” June], I was disappointed to find that you failed to mention several aspects of our brotherhood.

For one thing, your magazine neglected to profile our secret handshakes and our caveman-like initiation ceremony. The fact that all members can easily be identified by the raccoon tattoo behind our right ears went unnoticed, also. And that melodramatic description of the seemingly typical Texas road leading up to our paradise of wealth and fish was pointless.

Any real investigative reporter would have found that each of us has a vacuum tunnel leading from our Dallas mansions to our lake house havens. Oh, and the listing of our Dallas identifications may have been satisfyingly intrusive to you, but you didn’t even come close. You see, in our circle we go not by our birth names, but by our given society names-Noah of the Wood or Leah the Deer Master. Each night spent here ends with our traditional Light of Wealth ceremony wherein each member takes their turn setting fire to a sum of money to proclaim financial superiority. I suggest the next time you attempt to expose some devious and discreet culture, you try a little harder to uncover more of the “good stuff.” Katch ’ya later!

Elizabeth Solomon, Age 14

aka Lola of the Long Grass


The statement about lake residents being infuriated at Ross Perot for attempting to put in a heliport at his house on Lake Texoma is a cheap shot.

When the spillway overflowed in April 1990, the water washed out the highway which crosses the dam from Texas to Oklahoma. The highway department refused to put in a temporary bypass around the reconstruction site.

Despite the fact that Ross Perot has an alternate land route to his lake house, he paid for a temporary bypass around the reconstruction site which allowed traffic to flow. Most people never knew the details, but for many who do, he is held in a higher regard than your article suggests.

Bill Melvin


I read with great interest (yes, we can read here in Athens) the article about Athens being the hideaway for the rich and famous of Dallas. As a native Athenian, I see these folks a little differently than the author of your article.

Everyone here knows about Koon Kreek Klub, Rainbo Lake and the other ranches and hideaways that these Dallas millionaires have in and around our town. The Dallasites are all friendly, and so are the Athenians. We gladly accept them into our community and can’t possibly blame them for wanting to get out of the “big city.” We don’t have a problem with it.

Maybe the author should spend more time dealing with Dallas problems like John Wiley Price and Lee Alcorn; they are the ones who seem to be running decent people out of Dallas and into the smaller communities.

Thomas C. Underhill



I REALLY ENJOYED YOUR SPECIAL GOLF ISsue [GolfGuide, June]. I loved “Playing Through the Gender Handicap.” There are so many truisms in that article. One of the reasons (actually the main reason) that I do not play golf as much as I’d like is that it is so difficult to get tee times on the weekend. I am glad to see the list of women-friendly country clubs. Enjoyed the article, Hope to see more like it.

Pat McGuire Coulon


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