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New Technology, Old Problem

Sure, you can broadcast over TV, radio and Internet simultaneously-but do you have anything to say?
By D Magazine |

AS HOST J. JOVAN PHILYAW awaited call-ins during the August premiere of “Net Talk,” hyped as the world’s first radio/television/Internet triplecast, he filled empty air time with comments on unusual web sites-like the Punch Rush Limbaugh Home Page, where each click of the mouse gives the conservative talk show host a black eye.

“What if someone had an ex\Hi^iiiduiuiii do that?” Philyaw mused. “That’d be pretty funny. Hey Doug [Davis, computer expert], do you think you could create a page on there for my ex-wife?”

“I think that’s within our power.”

“Can you make it a little bigger and a little meaner?” Philyaw said. “You could rename it. Instead of the Rush page, it’d be the do-your-own-ex-wife page. That’d be cool.”

The Sunday night show, which airs on KLIF-AM 570, KDFI-TV Channel 27 and over the Internet via AudioNet (from 10 p.m. to midnight), answers Internet-related questions, offers computer advice and provides product reviews. Philyaw offered this disclaimer at the start ( ” We’re live”), but even that didn’t make up for his triple gaffe, which had co-host Laura Lewis squirming in her seat.

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