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Spring’s Easy Extras

Adding a wonderful belt or a fabulous handbag costs a lot less than buying a whole new wardrobe.

SAVVY WOMEN KNOW THE CLOSELY guarded secret of the always stylish: Buy a few quality garments each season, [hen depend on clever accessories to give them versatility. Following that bit of fashion philosophy means you don’t need a hefty bank account to dress like you have one.

Instead, simply update each season with a fresh batch of accessories. French women have always known that adding a wonderful belt, a fabulous handbag, a new pair of shoes, or a fist-full of fun-loving fashion rings costs a lot less than buying a whole new wardrobe. How else could they create such élan with only a black skirt and white blouse?

This season’s slew of clean-edged clothes offers accessorizing options. These outfits can easily go it alone, sans jewelry and paired only with the simplest shoe (the way most designers showed them on the runway). Or they can act as a backdrop, using their simplicity to showcase the appropriate accent piece. The choice is yours.

Seasonal signatures include:

SUNGLASSES. The eyes have it. Translation: No self-respecting warm-weather outfit should venture out unaccompanied by a pair of too-cool sunglasses. Look for retro cat’s-eye styles, black wraps, or metallic-trimmed models. Some even sport wild checkerboard patterns to pair with houndstooth suits.

PATENT LEATHER. Whether you choose a neat backpack, slim belt, or pair of shoes in this material, depend on patent leather to shine.

A POPULAR POSY. Flowers abound, covering a bouquet of accessories. Choose from botanical floral prints embellishing everything from diaphanous scarves to handsome handbags. Pin a silk bloom to the lapel of a suit or the neck of a dress. Add a floral clip to your hair.

SOMETHING SILVER. The streamlined look of silver waxes as cool as a spring breeze. Choose solid silver or opt for combinations that pair the metal with stones like coral or turquoise.

CHUNKY JEWELRY IN BOLD, BRIGHT TONES. The perfect accent to the season’s retro-mod styles. Look for plastic bangles or a passel of treasures studded with colorful cubic zirconia.

SHOES WITH ATTITUDE. Whether you choose strappy sandals, slip-on mules, little loafers, or sexy slingbacks, select shoes that make a statement. Details make the difference.

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