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BRIGHT IDEA OF THE MONTH Give the Cotton Bowl to the Cherokees

By D Magazine |

ATTORNEY DARRELL JORDAN’S IDEA OF DOMING the Cotton Bowl and paying for it with luxury suites has merit, and we’d like to see it happen. But it doesn’t go far enough. For really big ideas we turn to Lee lacocca. In yet another bid to rejuvenate downtown Detroit, lacocca has proposed ceding an empty department store to the Chippewa Indian tribe as a reservation. The tribe would promptly turn it into a gambling casino. Big-time casino companies are already bidding for operational control, and the proposal looks likely to be approved by Michigan Governor John Engler. So, it dawns on us, why not find an Indian tribe that would like Fair Park? (Surely there are some Cherokees still . around.) That wonderful 1930s architecture would be a perfect setting for an elegant entertainment park centered around several gambling casinos. Think what the competition between a Harrah’s and MGM Grand would do tor the Fair Park-downtown corrider. Why should all those Dallas dollars go to support the economies of Shreveport and Las Vegas? Mr. Jordan. we’ll see your bet and raise you one.