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Natural Beauty


THIS SPRING, FASHION GETS BACK to basics, combining a heavy dose of hip with an earth friendly attitude to produce enviro-styles even Mother Nature could love

Some companies craft their clothes from pesticide-free organic cotton; others bypass the formaldehyde, bleach, and heavy metals used in the industry in favor of more natural dye processes.

Fashion’s green machine also spawns some innovative ideas Deja Shoe, for example, builds its footwear collection from recycled plastic, rubber, and other cast-offs. Old shirts and dresses find new life re-stitched into colorful patchwork bags.

Even the hip; hoys heed nature’s call. Levi Strauss recently introduced a line of shirts and jeans crafted from color-grown, organic cotton, while each pair of denim jeans in JCPenney’s new Eco Blues line sports the recycled remains of two 2-liter plastic bottles.