The Latest Wrap on DART

DART BUSES HAVE NEVER BEEN MUCH TO LOOK AT. BUT NOW ABOUT A DOZEN OF these slow-rolling, grimy yellow bricks have motorists doing double-takes. These behemoth billboards on wheels are called wrapped buses, a larger-than-life advertising option that DART offers for up to $4, 000 a month (compared to $295 for a typical side-panel sign). Made of an adhesive vinyl, the ads encase the entire bus-covering windows, doors, and even exhaust grills.

Wrapped buses have been running for about a year now, with current sponsors including Fox 33 (The Simpsons), McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Disney Films, Carrier Air Conditioning, and Prime Sports, whose Dallas Mavericks bus has images of Jim Jackson, Jason Kidd, and Jamal Mashhurn blan-keting the side. Talk about big men driving down the lane!


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