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LAW A Filing Frenzy?

By Larry Upshaw |

IF YOU’RE PASSING A COURThouse during August, heads up; You could he trampled by lawyers scrambling to file suits.

Most tort reform laws passed by the Texas Legislature go into effect September 1, and a rash of filings is expected beforehand.

New laws will limit medical malpractice awards, punitive damages, and the liability of government officials and of defendants who are only partially at fault. The reforms also increase sanctions against those who file frivolous lawsuits.

How will these changes reshape the legal landscape in Texas, long known as friendly ground for personal injury lawsuits? It’s too soon to know, but Randy Moore, president of the Dallas Trial Lawyers Association, thinks plaintiffs will he taking no chances. “I think it would he borderline malpractice for an attorney who had a lawsuit ready not to file it before these rules go into effect.”