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Right or Privilege?

Chris Tucker answers his own question then fails to carry that answer out to its logical conclusion [“Let’s Put Our Money Where Our Minds Are,” March]. Tucker writes…”that a competitive, capitalistic society pays for what it values.” Well, Chris, “when certain parts of Texas” cannot pay for what it values then it receives exactly what it deserves. When are you people going to learn? To be educated is not a right. It is a privilege. A privilege that does not extend itself to only the wealthy. But a privilege extended to those who truly seek its rewards.



Choice Points

I was excited to receive my first edition of D Magazine. That excitement, unfortunately, turned to dismay as I saw anti-life rhetoric emanate from your pages.

First, I was alarmed to learn through letters to the editor [March] that addresses of local Dallas residents were published in some form of juvenile retribution for what the two individuals, Tom Cyr and Philip Benham, were doing in the name of legitimate civil protest.

Secondly, in Street Talk, a bumper sticker was endorsed stating “Tolerance Trainee. I’m pro-choice on everything.” This clearly suggests that if you are pro-life, you are intolerant.

Finally, Jim Schutze’s commentary, “The Shock of the New,” describes the assumptions made of Dallas as “the buckle on the Bible belt…run by a bunch of fascist, homophobic, xenophobic, xylophobic Jimmy Swaggart types,” and later adds, “You hate for somebody to have a bad impression, even if it’s accurate.” This clearly presents a composite of the Christian as intolerant, bigoted, ignorant and evil.

These instances reveal a prejudice toward Christians in general, and pro-life Christians in particular. If this is part of an agenda, it is the media who are fascist. If this is ignorance, get educated. Bigotry is bigotry, and can never be justified or excused.



Thank you to Philip Benham and Thomas Cyr [“Protesting Too Much,” January],

I have decided to consult Dr. Norman Tompkins first, along with my family doctor and two others recommended to me as excellent surgeons for performing abortions.

I do hope that Dr. Tompkins and I are comfortable as doctor and patient because I want to give him my business as a show of support for him and his practice.

I would also like Benham and Cyr to rescue every suffering child, no matter what circumstances that child is living through, trying to survive.

Rescuing children already bom from living on the streets, in shelters, or on welfare might be something for you to consider.



Making New Do

Re: Jim Schutze’s “The Shock of the New” [March]: Greetings from Space Station Alpha. We miss you all back on the home planet East Dallas. How we long for the creak of real wood floors and the comfort of pink tile bathrooms!

Many of you may not yet realize that leaving you behind was no small sacrifice. But our three young progeny needed more living space, and we could not afford private school tuition. Like our ancestors before us, we “did it for the kids.”

We have discovered creative ways of softening “the shock of the new.” We put a screen door from Home Depot on our front door and let our shrubs grow unsculpted. Our yard even has a healthy smattering of weeds (within the guidelines of the homeowners’ association, of course).

D, the Observer and the Morning News (since we lost the Herald) still clutter our coffee table, and we have not cut the cord that connects us to our former lives.

Eventually the 7-Eleven and the Exxon will get old, and so will we. Somewhere in the fabric of this new colonization, we will have woven in a thread of East Dallas culture.

Please remember us when you visit the outer limits of Suburbia. After all, somebody always has to be first. And give our love to all the trees.




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