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God’s Wrecking Crew

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Some people wear their feelings on their sleeves. Billy Nabors wears his on 15 trucks, each emblazoned with an unforgettable slogan: “We could wreck the world-Jesus saves.”

Nabors, 49, is really in the business of eyesore removal. His firm, Billy Nabors and Son (that’s Lloyd, 30), recently knocked down that long-abandoned motel at Love Field and pulverized a 600-unit apartment house on Spring Valley. Nabors has spent 30 years working to become the area’s leading demolition expert, and he knows his slogan helps people remember him.

“it’s an eye-catcher,” Nabors says. “It’s not everybody who’s got one of these.” The slogans also serve as reminders to Nabors’ drivers, who don”t need a 1-800 number to help them drive friendly. “There’s no place to hide in one of those.” Nabors says “I’ve got a 30-foot billboard on every one of them.”

With $1 million of business currently on the books, Nabors expects a boom over the next two years as many boarded-up properties bite the dust. And he hopes a new generation of customers will look for his sign.

“Ain’t many people advertise for the Lord.” Nabors says. “Most people advertise for the devil.”