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ARTS Yes, APRIL BOX (recently appointed to the city’s Cultural Affairs Commission) and Councilman GLENN BOX (who appointed her) are married. But lovers of the arts shouldn’t confuse one Box with the other-or assume that the conservative councilman will be calling the shots for his spouse,

April Box, an account executive with Carol Reed Associates Inc., has handled public relations for such creative endeavors as the Frontiers of Flight Museum. A former producer of corporate video and music in Memphis, she is gracious and articulate.

“I certainly would not consider myself an artist, but I’d consider myself more literate in the business side of it,” she says. “It takes both. We need the arts, but we also have to be able to budget them.”

Will the unabashed conservatism of her husband of three and a half years affect April Box’s decisions on the Cultural Affairs Commission? “Well, I certainly want to be a good representative to my councilman,” says April, who will head up the CAC’s public art committee. “But my councilman didn’t appoint me because I don’t have my own ideas.”

So let’s put it another way. If a modern Michelangelo creates a work of public art that looks an awful lot like a beautiful male nude and is called something like the David, will Mrs. Glenn Box be able to give it the appropriate consideration?

“That would be a nice problem to have,” she says.