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Dallas Academy. 950 Tiffany Way, 75218. 324-1481. Founded in 1967. Coed, grades 7 through 12, Tuition: $6,
100. 80 students; 15 teachers, nine with advanced degrees. Director: Jim Richardson.

Features remedial courses in reading, math, writing, and study skills for students with learning disabilities.
Excellent college prep.

Fairhill School. 16150 Preston Road 75248 233-1026, Founded in 1971. Coed, grades 1 through 12, Tuition: $6,
000-$6, 500. 140 students; 20 teachers, 12 with advanced degrees. Director: Jane Sego.

Small, structured classes with individualized instruction for students with average to above-average intelligence
who have been diagnosed as having a learning disability. Average student-teacher ratio is 7: 1. Speech therapy and
psychological services available.

Highland Academy. 1231 W. Belt Line Road, Richardson. 75080 238-7567. Founded in 1981. Coed, preschool
through 8th grade. Tuition and fees: $6, 300-$6, 900. 70 students; 12 teachers, 10 with advanced degrees and/or
academic language therapy certification. Director: Faye E. Handlogten.

Specialized curriculum designed for intelligent children with language-learning differences. Average student-teacher
ratio for academic classes is 5: 1.

Notre Dame of Dallas Schools Inc. 2018 Allen Street, 75204. 720-3911. Elementary school founded in 1962;
secondary and vocational center founded in 1973. Coed, ungraded. Tuition: based on pledges. 45 students, plus 40
vocational students; 20 teachers. Director: Sister Barbara Kraus.

Academic program for (be educable mentally retarded; living-skills program for the trainable mentally retarded.
Vocational program strives to place students in the job market. TEA accredited.

Oak Hill Academy. 6464 E. Lovers Lane. 368-0664. Founded in 1986. Coed, ages 3-12 fur talented and gifted
students and children with language-learning difficulties, social immaturity, or difficulty with muscular-motor
coordination. Tuition: $4, 800-$5, 800 for early childhood/preschool: $7, 100 for kindergarten-primary grades
(includes all fees). 63 students; 13 teachers, 5 with advanced degrees. Director: Carole Hill.

Oak Hill is a school for intelligent, talented children who are “at risk” or who have been identified as having a
language-learning difference. Curriculum focuses on development of the “whole child”-emotional, social, physical,
and cognitive aspects-using traditional and Montesson educational methods. Speech-language therapy is provided by
certified master’s level speech pathologist.

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Weekday School. 9800 Preston Road, 75230. 368-3886 Founded in 1962. Coed, grades
1 through 6. Tuition: $5, 610; scholarships available. 80 students: 14 teachers, six with advanced degrees. Director
Sheila Phaneuf.

A private school for children of normal or above-average intelligence with learning disabilities. Offers a total
child development program (remedial, academic, social, emotional) using an eclectic approach. Self-contained classes
of eight or nine children. Adaptive P. E. teacher, music therapist, art teacher, plus an after-school sports program
and a summer tutorial program.

Shelton School and Evaluation Center. 5002 W. Lovers Lane. 75209. 352-1772. Founded in 1976 Coed, preschool
through 9th grade. Tuition: &$8, 870-$9, 370 plus fees. 215 students; 55 teachers, 38 with advanced degrees.
Executive director: Joyce Pickering; director emeritus: Dr. June Shelton.

Average class consists of seven students. The school serves “learning different” children of average and
above-average intelligence. Students may be evaluated for learning disabilities and developmental lags at the
school’s evaluation center. Shelton also has a speech, language, and hearing clinic TEA and SACS accredited.

The Walden Preparatory School. 14552 Montfort Drive, 75240. 233-6883. Founded in 1970 Coed, grades 9 through
12. Tuition: $5, 000 plus fees. 75 students: 10 teachers, four with advanced degrees. Director: Pamala Stone.

A private alternative school geared to remotivate and redirect students and to prepare them for college. Walden also
works with students who have minor learning disabilities. Some classes self-paced. SACS accredited.

The Winston School. 5707 Royal Lane, 75229. 691-6950 Founded in 1973. Coed, kindergarten through 12th grade.
Tuition: $8, 400-$10, 400. 150 students; 25 teachers, 15 with advanced degrees. Head of. School: Dr. Rita Sherbenou.
College prep school for children with learning disabilities.

Programs are designed to emphasize a student’s strengths. Classes in drama, ceramics, computer sciences, and