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By Dan Baldwin |

PEOPLE Recently, veteran radio man MIKE RHYNER, host of a Saturday morning sports talk show on 1310 AM, was sadly recounting how, in early May, he had taken a night off from the Rangers to take his wife out for a birthday dinner and a movie.

“She had actually wanted to go to the game, ” explained Rhyner, who attends 55 to 60 of the Rangers’ 81 home games each year. “I told her, ’We can always go to a Rangers game. ’ When we got in the car after the movie, and I turned the game on, I knew within seconds what was going on. “

What was going on was NOLAN RYAN’S seventh no-hitter. A bad choice for Rhyner-but not his first. There was the Friday evening in 1964 when he “thought it would be much cooler” to attend the Hill-crest-Kimball game rather than catch that combo from Great Britain who were playing in Dallas the same night. Oh. well, You can always see the Beatles. He doesn’t remember the score of the game that night.

And there’s more. As a teenager in the mid-Sixties, Rhyner was the leader of an Oak Cliff rock band auditioning guitar players. A 12-year-old kid showed up and started playing some amazing blues licks.

“He was great, ” Rhyner recalls. “I asked him if he could play any Beatles, and he said no. I said, ’Next!’”

The kid, it turned out, was STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN.