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A unique service is provided for parents looking for a private school for their child by a firm called Admissions Counseling Services (5952 Royal Lane, 75230.696-3690). Owner Mike Shepperd, formerly an administrator at St. Mark’s School of Texas, tries to eliminate some of the red tape involved in finding the appropriate private school. He has brochures and current information on Dallas area private schools, alternative schools, schools specializing in learning disabilities, and boarding schools in addition to academic testing to determine achievement levels. A fee is charged for this service.

The descriptive information here was provided by each school.

Bending Oaks School. 9304 Forest Ln., 75243. 348-5500. Founded in 1985. Coed, grades 9-12. Tuition: $700 per course per semester. 50 students; 10 teachers, 9 with advanced degrees. Principal: John Nash.

Private high school founded by teachers who believe many students never realize their lull potential in a large classroom environment. Boasts a student-teacher ratio of 4 to 1 Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Bethel Lutheran School. 11211 E. Northwest Highway. 75238. 348-8375. Founded in 1959. Coed, 3 years through 6lh grade. Tuition: $675-$1.335. 130 students; 9 teachers. 2 with advanced degrees. Full gym and large playground areas. Daycare. before and after school. Principal: Curt Riske.

Christian education stressing individual attention to students. Students rank high on achievement tests.

Bishop Dunne High School. 3900 Rugged Drive, 75224. 339-6561. Founded in 1961. Coed, grades 9 through 12. Tuition: $2,420 for Catholics, $2,965 for non-Catholics. 425 students; 30 teachers, 16 with advanced degrees. Principal: F. Michael Satarino.

Traditional college preparatory requiring heavy academic loads. Students come from Oak Cliff as well as nearby suburbs. Thirty percent of students are non-Catholic.

Bishop Lynch High School. 9750 Ferguson Road, 75228. 324-3607. Founded in 1%3. Coed, grades 9 through 12. Tuition: $2,450 for Catholic families, $2,600 for non-Catholic families. Tuition breaks for families with more than one student enrolled. 700 students: 49 teachers. Principal: Edward E. Leyden.

Offers Catholic education for both the advanced and average achiever, with special courses to assist the weak but capable student. Provides a well-rounded Christian education with a strong emphasis on core subjects, community service, and the arts.

Bright Horizons Conservatoire. 1200 E. Jackson Rd., Carrollton 75006. 242-9552. Founded in 1973. Coed, 18 months through 3rd grade. Tuition: $260-$280/month. 316 students: 28 teachers. Director: Jackie Watts.

Offers the Headway program, which is updated regularly, Teaches phonics, motor skills, language arts, and emphasizes a theme a week. Student-teacher ratio 15 to 1 in kindergarten; 20 to 1 in grades 1-3.

Carrollton Christian Academy. 1820 Pearl St.. 75006. 242-6688. Founded in 1980 as the Sonshine Preschool. Coed, 3 years through 8th grade. Tuition: $54042.150.400 students; 23 teachers. 45 percent with advanced degrees. Superintendent: Rev. Dr. Paul Morell; director: Carla Vaughn; principal: Joan Collier.

“Developing The Whole Child In A Distinctly Christian Atmosphere” provides the philosophy for the academy’s comprehensive program of academics and activities, including Spanish, music, computer, and physical education.

Catholic Diocese of Dallas. 3915 Lemmon, P.O. Box 190507, 75219. 528-2360. Tuition: $900-$3.300. 30 elementary schools. 8 secondary, and 3 special schools all under the diocese’s jurisdiction. 11.000 students; 723 teachers, 226 with advanced degrees. Superintendent of schools: Sister Caroleen Hensgen.

Cistercian Preparatory School. One Cistercian Road. Irving/P.O. Box 160699, 75016. 438-4956. Founded in 1962. Boys, grades 5 through 12. with double sections of 20 students in each grade. Tuition: $4,300-$4,700. 300 students; 36 teachers, 26 with advanced degrees and 9 with Ph.Ds. Headmaster: Father Bernard Marton.

Catholic education in a sequential college prep curriculum. Each class is assigned to a Form Master who counsels each grade through graduation. Strong liberal arts curriculum includes four years of Latin in grades 5 through 8. with modern foreign language in grades 9 through 12. Computers are introduced in the 5th grade: calculus and four years of laboratory science are required for graduation.

The Cornerstone School. 12302 Park Central Drive, 75251.387-8567. Founded in 1976. Coed, 2 years through 4th grade. Tuition: $3,165 (may be paid in monthly installments). 300 students; 30 staff members. Director: Mimi Goldman.

Small classes grouped by ability. Individualized self-pacing programs. Instruction in music. Spanish, and com-puters are part of daily schedule. Extracurricular activities (ballet, art. etc.) are taught by specialists in each field from 3 to 5 p.m. for an extra fee. The school has a comprehensive summer camp program with sports, swimming, recreation, and education for all ages.

Dallas Academy. 950 Tiffany Way, 75218.324-1481. Founded in 1967. Coed, grades 7 through 12. Tuition: $6,200.75 students; 12 teachers, 7 with advanced degrees. Director: Jim Richardson.

Features remedial courses in reading, math, writing, and study skills for students with learning disabilities. Excellent college prep.

The Dallas Christian School. 4900 N. Galloway. Mes-quite 75150.270-5495. Founded in 1957. Coed, kindergarten through 12th grade. Tuition: $515-$3,500. 760 students; 50 teachers, 26 with advanced degrees. President: Vaughn Luster.

A college preparatory school stressing academic achievements. Moral and Christian principles are stressed with Bible classes and chapel each day. Well-rounded athletic program and band, choral, and drama classes offered.

The Episcopal School of Dallas. 4100 Merrell Road at Midway, 75229. 358-4368. Founded In 1974. Coed, grades 5 through 12. Tuition and fees: $6,269-$6,989.465 students: 66 teachers, 42 with advanced degrees. Headmaster: Stephen B. Swann.

A college-prep program that combines a flexible, innovative curriculum with a stable and enduring system of values. Classes are kept small, with 12 to 15 students each. The purpose is to foster the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth of each student. One feature of the curriculum is the Wilderness Program.

Evangel Temple Christian School. 302 W. Highway 303, Grand Prairie 75051. (214) 264-1303. Founded in 1964. Coed, preschool through 12th grade. Tuition: $830-$1.700.500 students; 40 teachers, 12 with advanced degrees. Administrator: Dr. Luanne Sparks.

The Fairhill School. 6039 Churchill Way. 75230. 233-1026. Founded in 1971. Coed, 1st through 12th grade. Tuition: $5.500-$5,900. 20 teachers, 12 with advanced degrees. Director: Jane Sego.

Small, structured classes with individualized instruction for students with average to above-average intelligence who have been diagnosed as having a learning disability. Average student-teacher ratio 7 to 1. Speech therapy and psychological services available.

First Baptist Academy. 1704 Patterson, 75201. 969-2488. Founded in 1972. Coed, kindergarten through 12th grade. Tuition $l,770-$2,715. 875 students; 75 teachers, 23 with advanced degrees.

Although the school is affiliated with First Baptist Church, not all of the students are Baptist. Christian emphasis; Bible courses required in all grades. Band, theater arts, debate, drill team, cheerleading, and athletic programs.

Glenwood School. 8515 Greenville Richardson 75081. 235-8320. Tuition: $1,685-$6,500. Executive director: Dr. Gwyn Brownlee. 300 students, low student-teacher ratio, and close parent-teacher contact. The Clenwood School is a nonprofit, coeducational, nonde-nominauonal college preparatory school. Beginning at the pre-kindergarten level, Glenwood’s instructional program is based on the concept of individually guided education, Accredited by the Texas Education Agency.

Good Shepherd Episcopal School. 11122 Midway Road, 75229. 357-1610. Founded in 1960. Coed, 3 yean through 8th grade. Tuition: $900-$2.900. 414 students; 33 teachers. 8 with advanced degrees.

A warm Christian atmosphere exists here. Foreign language in grades 1 through 8, a reading enrichment laboratory, a journalism program, and computers on all levels are offered. Chapel services daily.

Grace Lutheran School. 1523 S.” Beckley. 75224. 946-4967. Founded in 1951. Coed, kindergarten through 8th grade. Tuition; $1,350.

Specific individualized and small group instruction given in all academic areas, in an atmosphere of Christian care and discipline Religion, an, music, and sports in addition to the full academic curriculum, Before- and after-school care is available.

The Creenhill School. 14255 Midway Road, 75244-3698. 661-1211. Founded in 1950. Coed. 3 1/2 years through 12th grade. Tuition: $2,720-$6,230.1.150 students; 130 teachers; 70 with advanced degrees. Headmaster: Phillip Foote.

A rigorous college-prep program. Strong performance in all academic fields. High-caliber athletic and fine arts program. Respected computer science curriculum for kin-dergarten and up. Cited as an Exemplary School by the U.S. Department of Education, June 1985.

Highland Academy. 8787 Greenville Aw., 75243. 340-2440. Founded in 1981. Coed, kindergarten through 8th grade. Tuition and fees: $6,000. 40 students; 10 teachers, including 7 academic language therapists. Director: Faye E. Handlogten.

Specialized curriculum designed for intelligent children with learning differences. Average student-teacher ratio for academic classes: 5 to 1. TEA accredited.

The Hillcrest Academy. 6930 Alpha Road at Hillcrest,75240. 490-1161. Coed, preschool through 8th grade. Tuition; $2,500-$4,050. 100 students; 19 teachers. Preschool director: Valeria Adams. Elementary director: Peggy Signal.

Nondenominational music and dance programs and after-school care. Montessori preschool affiliated with American Montessori Society. Non-graded elementary pro-gram with 12 teachers. 4 with advanced degrees.

The Hockaday School. 11600 Welch Road. 75229. 363-6311. Founded in 1913. Girls, 4 years through 12th grade, Tuition: $2.820-$6.790 (includes lunches and fees). 866 students; 104 teachers. 61 with advanced degrees. Headmistress: Idanelle McMurry.

Founded on the principle of college preparation with emphasis on scholarship, character, courtesy, and athletics. Wide-ranging, highly demanding academic program stressing the arts. Special programs include coordinated classes in selected subjects with St. Mark’s School and English as a second language for foreign students,

Holy Crow Lutheran School. 11425 Marsh Lane, 75229. 358-43%. Founded in 1962. Coed, 3 years through 6th grade. Tuition: supported by donations of church members and nonmembers. 125 students; 8 teachers. 3 with advanced degrees. Principal: Jonathan Fischer.

Program designed for students performing at or above grade level, with emphasis on Christian and faith-life values.

Immaculate Conception Catholic School. 400 N.E. 17th St., Crand Prairie 75050. (214) 264-8777. Founded in 1953. Nationally recognized as a U.S. Exemplary School in 1986. Coed, kindergarten through 8th grade. Tuition: $1,200 for Catholics, $1,650 for non-Catholics. 260 students; 15 teachers. Administrator: Diane Cooper

TEA-approved curriculum; traditional basics taught, along with religion and computers.

Jesuit College Preparatory School for Men. 12345 Inwood Rd. 75244. 387-8707. Grades 9-12. Tuition: $3,500. Principal: Fr. Geoffrey T Dillon. 600 students; 60 teachers. 43 with advanced degrees. The school’s primary purpose is to offer men a Catholic college-preparatory education. Following the traditional Jesuit tradition, the intellect is developed through a demanding academic curriculum. Students must be serious about learning through disciplined study. The school is set on a 26-acre campus, offering one of the finest high school computer centers in the nation.

Lakehill Preparatory School. 2720 Hillside, 75214. 826-2931. Founded in 1970. Coed, kindergarten through 12th grade. Tuition: $2,600-$5,100. 300 students; 31 teachers. 16 with advanced degrees. Headmaster Roger Perry.

Lakehill is the only private school in East Dallas tilth no religious affiliation. Considers itself in a league with the best private schools in Dallas but with a smaller, more family-like atmosphere.

Lakemont Academy. 3993 W. Northwest Highway, 75220. 351-6404. Founded in 1976. Coed. 18 months through 12th grade. Tuition: $2,340-$3,600.127 students; 16 teachers. Daycare 18 months through preschool. After-school care and summer camp, grades 1 through 6. Head-master: Edward Fidellow.

The only Montessori preschool through high school in the Metroplex. Lakemont emphasizes a Christian perspective stressing character, confidence, and self-esteem. The individualized, rigorous academic curriculum also includes practical work experience, travel, community involvement. athletics, and foreign language.

The Lamplighter School. 11611 Inwood Road. 75229. 369-9201. Founded in 1953. Coed. 3 years through 4th grade. Tuition: $1.750-$4,675. 468 students: 40 teachers, about 20 with advanced degrees. Director: Pat Mattingly.

Provides both a strong traditional and innovative academic foundation with special emphasis on motor development, fine arts. French, animal life, horticulture, and an early introduction to computers. Its programs and curriculum are regularly evaluated by the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS) and the National Association of Independent Schools, of which it is a member.

Lutheran High School of Dallas. 8494 Stalls Road. 75243, south of Forest Lane, east of Central Expressway. 349-8912. Founded in 1976. Coed, grades 7 through 12. Tuition: 7th grade: $1,900; 8th grade: $2,400; 9th-12ih: $3,200. $300 registration fee. 140 students; 12 teachers, 6 with advanced degrees. Accredited by the Texas Education Agency. Headmaster: Dr. Gerald C. Brunworth.

The school offers a quality educational program for students with a broad range of abilities. More than 94 percent of the graduates attend college. Christian education and moral values are stressed. The school is located on a 13.5-acre campus with classroom/laboratory facilities, in-cluding a new gyimasium/locker room. Entrance test and personal interview required.

The North Dallas Day School. 9619 Creenville Avenue, 75243.341-4366. Founded in 1971. Coed, preschool through 3rd grade. Tuition: $2,790.175 students; 14 teachers. 4 with advanced degrees. Director: Janet Battle.

Small classes with individualized, self-paced programs. Features include learning centers, computers, and a Cultural Awareness Social Studies program. Extended care in the afternoon until 6 p.m. .Also offers summer camp facilities with athletics, arts and crafts, field trips, drama, music, and special events. Extracurricular activities include ballet, gymnastics, piano, art. and computer instruction. Accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.

Northaven Academy. 5608 Northaven, 75230. 373-4576. Founded in 1979. Coed, preschool through 12th grade. Tuition $1,400-$2,500. 90 students; 12 teachers all with advanced degrees. Director: Nancy French.

A disciplined, structured college prep program for students with above-average intellect who are seeking to upgrade skills and study habits. Students are stimulated to make long-range goals and commitment to college and the challenges beyond. Accredited by TEA.

Notre Dame of Dallas Schools, Inc. 1451 E North-gate Drive, Irving 75062.438-3202. Elementary school founded in 1962; secondary and vocational center founded in 1973. Coed, ungraded. Tuition: based on pledges. 60 students, plus 50 vocational students; 25 teachers. Director Sister Barbara Kraus.

Accredited programs by the Texas Education .Agency. Academic program for the educable mentally retarded: living-skills program for the trainable mentally retarded. Vocational program strives to place students in the job market. Facilities include use of a commercial kitchen, office machines, ceramics room, and greenhouse.

Our Redeemer Lutheran School. 7611 Park Lane, 75225. 368-1465. Founded in 1960. Coed, 3 years through 8th grade. Tuition: $475-$2.290. Student-teacher ratio 15 to 1. Principal: Norman L. Clasen.

A Christian school with a student body comprising various denominations. A structured curriculum that includes computer, band, drama, choir, and physical education. Before- and after-school care. TEA accredited.

The Parish Day School of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration. 14115 Hillcrest, 75240.239-8011 Founded in 1972. Coed, 3 years through 6th grade. Tuition: $l,150-$3.375. 390 students; 36 teachers. 8 with advanced degrees. Headmistress: Gloria Snyder.

Average class size is 18. Self-contained classrooms. Structured, traditional program. Weekly computer classes for children who are 4 years old through 6th grade. Student/computer ratio is 1 to 1. Spanish taught from 3 years through 6th grade Other enrichment programs include art, chorus, band, physical education, religion, library, science lab, Olympics of the mind, creative dramatics, the gifted program, and French. Geared to high-average and above-average students. TEA accredited.

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Week Day School. 9800 Preston Rd., 75230. 368-3886. Founded in 1962. Coed, ages 6-12. Tuition: $4,605; scholarships available. 75 students; 13 teachers, 3 with advanced degrees. Director: Sheila Phaneuf.

A private school for children of normal or above-average intelligence with learning disabilities. Offers a total child development program (remedial, academic, social, emotional) using an eclectic approach. Self-contained classes of 8 or 9 children. Adaptive P.E. teacher, music therapist, art teacher, plus an after-school sports program and a summer tutorial program. TEA accredited.

Redeemer Montessori School. 120 East Rochelle, Irving. 75062. 257-3517. Founded in 1978. Coed, two and a half years through 12. Tuition: $1,845-$2,520. Director: Paul Sexton.

A progressive academic program offered. Math, science, language arts, and foreign language form the core of the curriculum. Children advance at their own pace, while work is closely monitored.

St. Alcuin Montessori School. 6144 Churchill Way, 75230. 239-1745. Founded in 1963. Coed, 18 months through 8th grade. Tuition: $2,780-$6,435. 330 students; 15 teachers with 11 assistants; 3 special subject teachers, such as languages, music, an, and P.E. Teachers have Association Montessori International training beyond bachelor degrees. Director: Barbara Gordon.

Extended classrooms to outdoors. Study tours offered to grades 6,7, and 8. Special summer classes offered to all levels. The emotional and social aspects of the child as well as academics are stressed. Before- and after-school care available on a limited basis.

St. John’s Episcopal School. 848 Harter Road, 75218.328-9131. Founded in 1953. Coed, 3 years through 7th grade. Tuition: $l,648-$3,400. 350 students. Director: Grace Cook.

The school is committed to providing excellence in education by presenting an enriched and personalized academic program for children. St. John’s faculty sub-scribes to a mastery learning philosophy and continuous progress of the individual.

St. Mark’s School of Texas. 10600 Preston Road, 75230. 363-6491. hounded in 1933 as the Texas Country Day School. Merged with the Cathedral School in 1950 to become St. Mark’s. Boys, grades 1 through 12 Tuition: $5,470-$7,195 (fees, lunch, and book deposit included). 715 students; 90 teachers, 59 with advanced degrees. Headmaster: David V. Hicks.

College prep with emphasis on a rigorous academic pro-gram plus active participation and self-development in both the arts and athletics. Nationally ranked debate team. Coordinates programs with Hockaday School. Excellence in individual sports. Camping and leadership programs in middle and upper school.

The Saint Michael School. 8011 Douglas, 75225. 691-8681. Founded in 1950. Coed, 3 years through 6th grade. Tuition (including fees): $2,700-$4,700. 406 students, 39 teachers, all certified. 9 with advanced degrees. Director: Elizabeth I. Barnes.

A private Episcopal school. Religious emphasis; open visitation policy. Additional programs include remedial language lab, Spanish, computer classes, and outdoor education. ISAS accredited.

Scofield Christian School. 7730 Abrams Rd. 75231. 349-6843. Founded in 1961 by Harlin J. Roper. Coed, 3 years through 6th grade. Tuition: $942-$1,890. 275 students; 23 teachers, all certified.

The emphasis here is on a developmental educational approach to learning. Offers a complete elementary program including music, physical education, computer, and art. A Christian alternative to education.

The Selwyn School. 3333 University Drive West, Demon 76201. (817) 382-6771. Founded in 1957. Coed, boarding and day, preschool through grade 12 (boarding students are accepted beginning in the 8th grade.) Tuition: boarders $11,000; day students $l,750-$5,100. 300 students; 32 teachers, 12 with advanced degrees. Headmaster: John D. Doncaster.

A college-prep school with class sizes varying from 8 to 15. Student-teacher ratio is 8 to 1. For two weeks in March, a special travel and study program is offered. Advanced placement courses for juniors and seniors. Athletics, arts, and activities offered. Full weekend schedule for boarders.

Shelton School and Evaluation Center. 5002 W. Lovers Lane, 75209. 352-1772. Founded in 1976. Preschool through 9th grade. Tuition: $6,050-$8,000 plus fees. 250 students; 55 teachers, 38 with advanced degrees. Executive director: Dr. Sherrye Camp. Director emeritus: Dr. June Shelton.

Average class consists of 7 students. The Shelton School is for bright students with learning disabilities. Students are tested for learning disabilities and developmental lags at the school evaluation center and speech and hearing center Evaluation center 357-4714. TEA accredited.

Trinity Christian Academy. 17001 Addison Road, Ad-dison 75248.931-8325. Founded in 1970. Coed, kindergarten through 12th grade. Tuition: $1,450-$4,750. 925 students: 80 teachers, 40 percent with advanced degrees. Headmaster: Mike Beidel.

The school aims to provide a quality Christian education for college-bound students.

Ursuline Academy. 4900 Walnut Hill Lane. 75229. 363-6551. Founded in 1874. Girls, grades 9 through 12. Tuition: $3,975. 600 students; 60 teachers. Principal: Dr. Jean Placke.

A 113-year-old Catholic college prep high school for young women. Philosophy is to combine academic excellence and high standards of scholarship with moral, spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical growth. Special offerings include retreat programs, community service pro-gram, Government in Action program, and a special humanities program.

The Walden Preparatory School. 14552 Montfort Drive, 75240. 233-6883. Founded in 1970. Coed, grades 9through 12 or ages 14 through 19. Tuition: $4,350 plus fees. 75 students; 10 teachers. 4 with advanced degrees. Director: Pamela Stone.

A private alternative school geared to remotivate and redirect students and to prepare them for college. Walden also works with students who have minor learning disabilities. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Some classes self-paced.

White Rock North Private School. 9727 White Rock Trail. 75238.348-7410. Founded in 1965. Coed. 2 years through 3rd grade. Tuition: $1,350-$2,790. 350 students; 22 teachers, 4 with advanced degrees. Directors: Mary and John Adams.

A highly structured program geared to students working at or above grade level. A summer day camp program is included for students through age 12. Extended daycare for the children of working parents.

Winston School. 5707 Royal Lane. 75229.691-6950. Founded in 1973. Coed, grades 1 through 12. Tuition: $6.000-$8,800. 220 students; 35 teachers, 15 with advanced degrees. Headmaster: Paul Erwin.

Programs are designed to emphasize a student’s strengths. Classes in drama, ceramics, computer sciences. and photography.

Zion Lutheran School. 6121 E. Lovers Lane, 75214. 363-1630. Founded in 1948. Coed. 3 years through 8th grade. Tuition: $2,200. 220 students; 15 teachers, 6 with advanced degrees Principal: Steven A. Allmon.

Religious education, usual curriculum areas, plus computer classes, outdoor education week, sports program, band, choir, and art. Accredited by the TEA, the Texas District, and the LC-MS.


Arlington Country Day School. 1100 Roosevelt St., Arlington 76011. (817) 275-0211. Founded in 1959. Age 2 through grade 6. Tuition: $l,030-$3,630/9 months per year. 220 students; 25 teachers, certified and degreed.

Preschool is in the Montessori method; elementary is traditional. Enrichment classes include Spanish, computers, music, physical education, with an option for gymnastics. Summer enrichment program available; extended daycare available. The oldest independent school in the Arlington area. Natural setting. Director of preschool: Elizabeth Fagerstrom; Principal: Christine Felton.

Fort Worth Christian School. 7517 Bogart Dr.. North Richland Hills, 76180. (817) 281-6504. Coed, preschool through 12th grade. Tuition: $2.699-$3,561. 85 teachers, many with master’s degrees. President: .Allen Boarwright.

Basic curriculum, suite certified, with foreign languages, drama, art, and computer courses taught. Bible class is required. Day care available for families associated with school.

The Oakridge School. 5900 W. Pioneer Partway, Arlington 76103. (817) 451-4994. Founded in 1979. Coed, preschool through 12th grade. Tuition: $2,577-$4.614.500 students; 55 teachers. Headmaster: Andy Broadus.

Traditional, nonsectarian, college preparatory, with grade requirements higher than average. Foreign languages and computer are introduced in the lower school.

St. John the Apostle Day School and Preschool. 7421 Clenview Dr., North Richland Hills (mailing address: Fort Worth 76118). (817) 284-2228. Founded in 1965. Accredited. Coed, preschool through 8th grade. Tuition: $530-$1,260 (parish members), $1,770 (nonmembers). 450 students; 25 teachers. Principal: Leona Schwartz.

A comprehensive curriculum emphasizing moral values; basics are taught along with religion classes.

St. Vincent Episcopal School. 3201 W. Pipeline Road. Euless 76040. (817) 354-7979. Founded in 1962. Coed, preschool through 6th grade. Tuition: $78042,375. 225 students; 22 teachers, all certified. 3 with advanced degrees. Director: Charles Busey.

Basic curriculum plus Spanish, computer sciences, fine arts, music, and physical education, After-school care and full-day kindergarten available.

Treetops School. Rural Route 1. Box 257. Euless 76040. (817) 283-1771. Founded in 1972. Coed, preschool through 12th grade. Tuition: $1,260-$2.400.120 students; 20 teachers (12 full-time); 80 percent have advanced degrees. Director: Dr. Chris Kallstrom.

A modified Montessori approach is taken at Lower School. Individually paced instruction continues at elementary level. Computer, foreign languages, video, drama, and environmental studies are included All ages are involved in international studies including travel abroad.


The city’s greatest natural attraction, the Wom-en of Dallas, are so extraordinary that one wonders why there are so many here Certainly the men. most of whom are so dull they wear their wing tips to bed, pale in comparison. Men. in fact, seem overwhelmed trying to deal with the variety of women-from catty to catatonic (yes, we do hate a few airheads)-who pip-pip about town. Newcomers to the city tend to criticize some Dallas women because they spend so much time working on their looks. It’s odd. though, how those outsiders stop complaining once they have lived here all of four days. Where do all these beauties come from? It’s like asking God how He created the world. You simply must accept with grace one of the special blessings this life has given us.


Dallas lores Sonny’s for two reasons: the ambience and the food. The former remains a mystery: is it reverse chic that makes Dallas Hones, dolled up in their designer duds, gamely brush the last patron’s crumbs of greasy onion rings from the seat of a half-broken school desk and settle down to eat the messiest meal in to?n? Or that compels Dallas businessmen, already sweltering in tropical wool suits and suitably knotted ties, to perch on their burning fenders in a gravel parting lot at noon in the Texas summertime to eat a hot lunch? Dal-lasites don’t just put up with Sonny’s increasingly crowded dinginess-they love it. It’s a mystery, all right. But there’s no mystery about the food. Forget the tasteless onion rings, the stingy ribs, the flabby ham-Sonny’s beef on a bun is the best barbecue in Dallas, bar none. And that’s worth some discomfort and dry cleaning bills.

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