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By D.F.M. |

Halfway between earth and heaven They hang suspended, Symbols of a warning, a striving by man To touch the face of God and by God To heal the sins of man.

Each with its own voice, solo and in concert, The message of the bells rides the morning air, Healing and appealing to everyone who hears To heed their promise and to come In simple faith without one plea, devoid of pride, Leaving fame and fortune at the portal.

To east, to west, to north, to south Their benevolent circle of sound In ever widening waves Spreads to all like a benison from above. As a life well roiled in His service. Whether lived three score and ten Or cut short in its prime. Their tones of triumph and joy cany far beyond their source. Reminding all who listen that God is there, That He hears, that He cares And wants us to care for Him.

And as their voice fades slowly from the ear. Its promise echoes on with everlasting hope. “Well done good and faithful servant – – – “Well done enter thou “Well done – – – into the joy “Well done — of thy Lord.”