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DALLAS City of Winners

By D Magazine |

As Dallas’ best known and highest profile representatives, the Dallas Cowboys have much riding on their blue and silver shoulder pads. A true class act, the}’ represent their proud city well, with a depth of character often lacking in the field of professional athletics.

Everything about the Cowboys projects the image of top quality. Their long string of winning seasons, their beautiful new headquarters complex at Valley Ranch, the example of calm confidence set by their coach, the wisdom of their owner in refusing to interfere with the operation of the team, the superb sideline entertainment provided by the Cheerleaders – all these dimensions of the Dallas Cowboys’ mystique give the organization a quality of leadership truly outstanding both on and off the field.

Many of the techniques of coaching, managing and strategic planning now standard throughout the spoil of football were pioneering experiments when first introduced by the Cowboys’ management and coaching staff. And many examples of spiritual leadership, civic contribution and unselfish community involvement set by individual team members have also led the way for others.

The highly technical job of handling all electronic communications within and emanating from Texas Stadium is the responsibility of GTE. We are proud that the important home game television image of the inimitable Dallas Cowboys rests on our shoulders.