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DALLAS City of Winners

By D Magazine |

For the better part of a century, ever since its beginning in 1922, the Junior League of Dallas has performed its vital services to the citizens of Dallas with such flair, enthusiasm and dedication of purpose that it has become a role model for service organizations everywhere.

Over 3.500 strong, the members of the Junior League meet regularly in study, training, information, instruction and inspiration. They then fan out each week into all areas of Dallas life to furnish effective, experienced, voluntary service whenever and wherever it is needed. People without homes, the elderly, juvenile offender’s, high risk infants and mothers, school-aged children and the chemically dependent – all are constant recipients of their care and concern.

The League makes substantial commitments of time and money each year in seven areas of need – children, adolescents, the arts, museums, health, mental health and community awareness. During 1986, over $1,000.000 of financial support and 200,000 hour’s of voluntary service were channeled by the League into areas of active response to these needs and challenges.

Visitor’s are constantly frying to analyze the exciting city of Dallas. They want to know what sets us apart from most towns. They’ ask about our quality of life and our positive attitude. They get lots of answer’s – honest government, an entrepreneurial spirit, strategic location, diversification of business, a good labor record, effective public servants, fine schools and universities, a modem airport, etc.

No such list of the advantages and blessings of the Dallas lifestyle would be complete without including the Junior League. Not even its member’s fully realize how important their selfless example has become to all Dallas citizens. Their star shines brightly indeed in the Dallas firmament.