DALLAS City of Winners

With Adolphus Busch’s hotel providing one of the most beautiful architectural facades in all of Dallas, tills fortunate family lakes full advantage of their perch on the Fiench Room balcony to enjoy the passing St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The Irish element in Dallas may not match in numbers those boasted by New York and Chicago, but they more than hold their own in noise and enthusiasm. If you want proof, just turn out for this year’s parade on March 17 and see for yourself. A fast-paced town like Dallas likes to go all out in everything it does, and our annual tribute to the Irish among us is no exception.

The death of the patron saint of Ireland on March 17, in about 4G1, has been observed throughout America ever since colonial days. Observance of the day since 1845 has become nationwide, with celebrations in homes, churches, schools, places of entertainment and on city streets. Of all the legends surrounding St. Patrick, one of the most significant is that he used the shamrock to illustrate the idea of the Trinity.

Once again this month, with the wearin’ o’ the green, Dallas enjoys another feature in the passing parade of events which march into history with banners thing as chapters in the lifestyle of Dallas, America’s city of winners.


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