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IN THE “BEST & Worst” article in the January issue, you featured the DeSoto School District in “Lip Flap.” I am a sophomore in high school and attended Northside Elementary, where they enforced the rule of no talking during lunch along with other rules, such as having to eat all of your food before leaving the table, sitting boy-girl and sitting in alphabetical order. I was surprised to read that the DeSoto schools still enforce this rule and am ashamed that the parents of these children did not speak up sooner.

Kathryn Bartlett


I MUST SMILE when I continue to read that Cardinal Puff’s is a college bar.. .”but if Top-Siders give you hives, beware. The place is overrun on weekends with SMU students.” We have rather effectively eliminated any such preponderance of “SMU-ites” with an age requirement of 21 (in effect since 1981). While this is quite apparent to those many fine folks whose constant support we continue to enjoy, it may suggest that one not merely assume…

John L. Ahern


Cardinal Puffs


IN YOUR “BEST & Worst” article, the “Public Place to Watch a Football Game on TV” listed as “Best Booked” could also have been subtitled “Longest Overdue Sports Coverage.” The AFL went out of existence several years ago through a union with the NFL to form two conferences (AFC and NFC) of the present NFL. Maybe the D editors were trying to produce their own “Just Wanted to See if You Were Watching” award.

Paul W. GeislerJr.

Danville, Illinois


I APPRECIATE your focus on Dallas’ built environment [“Breaking Out of the Box,” December. Your coverage, while comprehensive, gave insufficient emphasis to the power of the client and the community. Developers, corporate executives and building tenants influence the quality of architecture in Dallas much more strongly than do architects. If they want or will accept junk, they’ll get it. If they insist upon excellence and know the difference, they’ll get excellence.

Michael D. Tatum

Corporate Director of Design

The HOK Interiors Group



I CAN’T TELL you how shocked I was when I opened the January issue and read the “New Arrivals” review of Ristorante Valentino. I did not know they [Ristorante Valentino’s owners] owned our restaurant.

Maybe I should set you straight to prevent any further incorrect reporting. Nicola Savino and Vincenzo Belvito are cousins, and they did work for us for a very short period of time during our four years of operation. Nicola then went back to Italy due to an illness in the family, and Vincenzo went to work at the Mansion as a waiter. I am tired, of having our customers come into the res- i taurant and ask us about our other restaurant. Our continued good business is evidence that it’s appreciated by our customers, together with our good service and ambiance.

Diane Mari Alonso

La Tosca


Editor’s Note: D regrets the error.

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