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Grandpa Max’s Traveling Show


It must have been theatrical -seven grandchildren standing there watching, waiting for something as important as summer itself, while Grandpa Max lined up the glasses one by one. This unique limeade recipe comes from Ginny Pitre, our discriminating creative director, who recalls her grandfather’s summer visits from Webster City, Iowa, and the ritual he brought with him. First off, the stuff was made one glass at a time, no buts, and everybody went in turn. You didn’t dare ask for a second glass-at least not until everybody had had a first. And if you wanted to know what made it fizz, well, that was simply magic.

In a glass, mix the juice of two well-squeezed limes with two heaping teaspoons of powdered sugar (or to taste), then add a small bottle of soda water -but carefully, lest you have more prestidigitation on your hands than you can handle. Toast Grandpa Max, and savor slowly.