If you have soft shoulders, don’t cry on them-try Pints of Pads instead These nylon shoulder pads can be worn with any outfit via Velcro fastenings that attach to bra straps. Packed in ice cream cartons, the pads come in one-scoop (three-fourths inch) or two-scoop (11/2-inch) sizes, and are available in shades of licorice and hon^ vanilla. A pair sells for $10. Bloomingdale’s,Valley View Center. LBJ and Preston. Mon-Sat 10-9:30. 450-2300. Frost Bros., 330 NorthPark Center Northwest Highway and Central. Mon-Wed 10-5:30, Thurs 10-8:30 Fri-Sat 10-5:30.369-7300. Neiman-Marcus, Main and Ervay-Mon-Wed 9:30-5:30, Thurs 9:30-6:30, Fri-Sat9-30-530 741-6911. Write Angles, #424 Sakowitz Village, 5100 Belt Line Road. Mon-Wed 10-7, Thurs-Sat 10-10.



The making of tea is a delicate ritual: Dried brown leaves, steaming water and spotless porcelain combine until the rich smell pervades the afternoon. And since the taking of tea is no less important, why not use a tea set as unique as this Art Deco one? From England, it dates from the Thirties. The set ($120) of hammered chrome and porcelain, includes teapot, tray, creamer, sugar bowl and tongs. This is just one of many Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces to be found at The Roxy, 2722 Greenville Ave. Tue-Sat 10:30-5:30.827-8593.


Ah, the joys of going barefoot in summer. . .until reality strikes. Things like bugs, broken glass, hot cement and athlete’s foot can make you wary of shedding your shoes. If that’s the case, try the next best thing to bare feet: Cheap Charlie’s Sole Suckers, which are rubber soles that cling to the bottom of your feet. In red, blue or purple, a pair sells for $8. The Hawaiian Shop, 223 Preston Royal East. Mon-Thurs 10-8, Fri-Sat 10-6. 691-4145.


After three months of freedom, it’s hard for kids to get excited about going back to school -particularly when homework is involved. Here’s something to make it a little less of a chore: scented pens. In such kid-tested “flavors” as licorice, strawberry, chocolate, grape, banana and mint, they’re sure to have students scribbling in no time. $1.50 each at Artifactory, 1122 Preston Royal Plaza, 363-7360; 3014 Greenville, 823-4422; 710 Pepper Square, 387-4255. Mon-Sat 10-6 at Preston Royal and Pepper Square locations; Mon & Sat 10-6, Tue-Fri 10-9 at Greenville location.


T.S. Eliot was wrong. August, not April, is the cruelest month-at least when heat and humidity are concerned. Swimming pools provide a relaxing refuge. For some pool owners, though, a deep-water pool brings as much anxiety as it does relief. If you’re worried about children or pets falling in, consider installing this pool sensor. It floats on top of the water and sounds a warning signal whenever an object falls into the pool. (The sensor can be adjusted so that only objects of a certain weight trigger the alarm.) You can purchase it with or without a remote receiver, which echoes the warning signal up to 200 feet away from the pool. Sensor alone, $120; with remote receiver, $130. Available through Remington Products, Inc., 60 Main St., Bridgetown, CT 06602, (203) 367-4400; or through Blue Coral Pools, 5050 Quorum #700, 458-0758.


Some people sing in the shower; others sing along to the radio. Now you can do both -with Wet Tunes, a battery-operated AM/FM radio that attaches to your shower wall. The water-resistant radio ($40) can save you valuable time in the morning-catch up on the latest news, traffic and weather reports as you shower Available soon at area Sanger Harris stores.


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