I CANT BELIEVE you left out where to complain about dentists [“A Guide for Crying Out Loud,” May]. In the interest of being a good citizen while incurring the ire of my colleagues, here’s where: Try the Peer Review Committee or the Patient Relations Committee of the Dallas County Dental Society, 4100 McEwen, No. 141, Dallas, TX 75234; or the Fort Worth District Dental Society, 3301 Hamilton, No. 118, Fort Worth, TX 76107. The state association is the Texas Dental Association, and its address is 1946 S. Interregional, Austin, TX 78704.

For ultimate grief to your (hard-working, good-guy) dentist, write to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners at 411 W. 13th St., No. 503, Austin, TX 78701.

Roger D. Metcalf, DDS


THANK YOU FOR publishing Katherine Dinsdale’s article informing your readers about their rights as consumers under the law. As the major agency in charge of enforcing federal consumer protection laws, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was mentioned several time

You might be interested to know that the FTC is active in many other areas, including investment fraud. The commission has recently obtained federal court orders enjoining over half a dozen companies from engaging in deceptive practices to market federal oil and gas lease lotteries. These orders also freeze the assets of some of the companies and individuals involved.

Although we hope to obtain redress for some of the investors, a consumer’s best defense is to be aware of his/her rights and to check investment opportunities before putting up any money. If you think the deal is too good to be true, you may be right.

Jim Moseley

Regional Director

Federal Trade Commission


WELL, YOU’VE DONE it again-ignored Fort Worth entirely in your “Guide for Crying Out Loud.” You print “Dallas Fort Worth” on your cover, and you send your advertising reps over to call on us. You even condescend to review a few of our happenings and give lip service to a couple of our restaurants. Then you go and pretend that Fort Worth readers have nothing to complain about. But then, compared to the Dallas unfortunates, I guess we don’t.

Lee O. Rogers

The Rogers Group

Fort Worth


IN CHRIS TUCKER’S corny attempt to imitate the radical-chic Eastern press [“Anyone But Him,” June], he misses the whole point of the prayer and equal access amendments. Point: The First Amendment has been twisted to protect every anti-moral, anti-religious, anti-American group in America, even to letting them flood every drugstore with pornography. Reagan is just trying to get back my First Amendment right to express myself. The radical-chic media are termites: They gnaw away at the foundations of checks and balances our forefathers left with us.

Nell Stewart



REGARDING “DIAGNOSIS: Schizophrenia” [May]: Thanks for the plug.

We have had some customers for eight or 10 years, and they love their home here. We have asked some to leave-as has any residential hotel. We shall continue to ask some to leave, but only for cause and provocation.

Local caseworkers are aware of our service and reputation, and you may certainly ask our many satisfied customers about us. They are not all crazy, and neither are their families. But the rate you quoted is about half our regular rat

Helen Quinn

Quinn Retirement Residence



AS A VIETNAM veteran, I was delighted to read Aimée Larrabee’s article, “Quest for Honor” [May]. This article exemplifies a turning of the tide in dealing with Vietnam veterans in the printed media. There was a time not long ago when any time Vietnam was mentioned in print, it was in connection with a robbery or a violent crime. Now, the more realistic view is beginning to be shown: the view of a hard-working, stable family man who had a two- to four-year late start due to his military service but who is coming on strong, beginning to own his own business and becoming a leader of his community.

Tom Hartin


Dallas Vietnam Veterans Leadership

Program Inc.

MAY I CONGRATULATE your publication for the article “Quest for Honor,” and, more importantly, the four gentlemen and the thousands of vets they represent for their honest feelings and experiences they spoke of. Perhaps this country can be educated by articles such as yours and the many books written recently on the Vietnam War. I realize that many people (like myself) who never experienced this war don’t know the reasons (good or bad) for U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia.

Perhaps people will one day understand the complications of that fatal 10 years. We can then understand and maybe even help our veterans.

Elaine Toth New York City

HOPEFULLY, YOUR failure to check for accurate Vietnamese spelling is not indicative of your interest in the Vietnam veteran’s quest for hono

J. Marsh Dallas


JUST A NOTE to say that the best thing in your magazine each month is Robert A. Wilson and his “Insights.”

Harry C McKee Pena Blanca, New Mexico


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