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By Jane Albritton |

Bunker’s Place

When a bed doubles as a jailhouse or a stagecoach or a space station, what child wouldn’t want to retire early? In addi- tion to their sturdy pine bookshelves, Hal Boyd and Tom Getty have designed and built an unusual series of children’s modular bunkbeds. Made of fiberwood (denser and stronger than particle board) and rounded at every edge to prevent bad bumps, these beds can be made to the most imaginative specifications. If you don’t like Boyd’s designs, sketch your own. They’ll build it. Boyd’s Furniture. 494-2722. (On display at Vikon Village Sat & Sun 10-6.)

Daily Lamas

The Mistletoe Shoe Shop is the best place in town to buy cowboy boots. This family-owned shop stocks close-outs, seconds, and over-runs of Justins, Noconas, Acmes, and Tony Lamas at bargain prices. A pair of deep burgundy, fancy-stitched Justin boots sells for $39.99; and once you’ve got your boots, get a western belt with initials engraved free. Although the search for boots and belts requires walking aisles and checking sizes, the savings are worth it. The Mistletoe Shoe Shop, 942 E Jefferson Ave at 7th (exit R.L. Thornton at Jefferson). 946-0049. Mon-Sat 8:30-6:30.

Place Maps

So there you are, floating in fresh water wilderness, only to discover that the lake map has dissolved into papier-máché in a puddle at the bottom of the boat. Besides stocking everything from county maps for sales reps to wall-sized world maps for planning vacations, Handymap, Inc. (makers of Maps-co) offers a variety of laminating services. Boaters and backpackers can protect special maps with a very thin lamination that accepts folding and rejects dampness. The consummate show-off could put his trip maps of Europe in heavy lamination and serve dinner on them. Mapsco/ Handymap, Inc., 1644 Irving Blvd. 748-5811. Mon-Fri 8-4:30.

Pop’s Goods

It takes self-sufficient determination these days to spend time just eating, sleeping, and whittlin’, but H.W. “Pop” Good does it. Some days he whittles for Boy Scouts; others, he turns out intricate wooden chains, imitation tools, miniature windmills with moving parts, and Aggie chain saws. With a little help from Freda Good’s sanding, each form maintains a distinct charm. H.W. “Pop” Good, 5547 Willis Ave. 826-1656.

Flagging Interest

The Queen of England flies her flag whenever she’s at home; if you’d like to fly your own, just call Betsy Ross Flag Girls, Inc. They sell flags from every state, nation, fraternal order, and branch of the armed services. With a colorful 12-by-18 inch flag (a buy at under $10), one can confirm roots, welcome out-of-state company, fan feuds, and otherwise liven up the neighborhood. And if a ready-made flag won’t do, have the Flag Girls sew up your own design. Betsy Ross Flag Girls, Inc., 11420 E Northwest Highway. 328-FLAG. Mon-Sat 8-6.

Urban Renewal

At one time, Austin Alley was a parking garage, but today the lower floors have other charms: two sisters do custom clothing (look at their ultra-suede) at Threads and Things, the Burrito Brothers import items from Mexico, a full-time waitress has started a plant shop, and Shanghai Jimmy will soon open to Chili Rice-lovers; meanwhile, refreshments can be had at Rosie’s Deli and the Great American General Store. The Tobacconist offers a fine selection of tobaccos and pipes, and there’s soon to be another location of Half-Price Books. Austin Alley is located downtown at 711 Elm St.