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The Raiding Game: The Herald Steals an Editor From The News

By D Magazine |

The Times Herald scored recently when it hired the Dallas News’ assistant city editor, Mark Seibel, to set up a new bureau in Mexico City.

Seibel, 26, is credited by News reporters with boosting morale and productivity, dealing skillfully with management, and bringing an aggressive edge to the local news competition. “They would have done almost anything to keep him,” says one insider.

Herald editors wined and dined Seibel before making the offer (sought after by some of the Herald’s most respected staffers). For Seibel, the decision was easy: “I was ready to leave, let’s not make any bones about it. I’d done all I could in that job. Anyway, I always wanted the News to set up a Mexico Bureau.” He says he didn’t seriously consider an offer from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to be a special assignment reporter, nor an overture from Texas Monthly’s editor Bill Broyles that he consider the job of managing editor.

The Herald, which until this year regularly whopped the News with more aggressive coverage, is also reported to be laying plans for bureaus in Houston and El Paso.