Thumbs up: To new Supt. Linus Wright. Only days before the school board’s selection of Wright, he made it clear that if chosen, he would be undisputed boss. In so doing, Wright properly cast a shadow over the preposterous $13,500-a-year contract the school board has awarded outgoing Supt. Nolan Estes to “consult” with the new superintendent.

Thumbs down: To Mayor Robert Folsom, for touting a poll of Dallas voters which supposedly showed a majority in favor of the charter amendments he has proposed. The poll was prepared by Fol-som himself, with his campaign manager Stark Taylor and paid campaigner Dan Rundell. The first question asks for a yes or no to the statement, “I agree with you that we need to take positive action to maintain our system of citizen government.” You’re supposed to say no?

Thumbs up: To State Rep. John Bryant (D., Pleasant Grove) for his leadership in opposition to the tax “reform” passed this summer by the rurally dominated special legislative session. The “reform” should have been called a “bonus” to the large ranch and farm interests at the expense of the majority of Texans. Bryant called it a “fraud.” Which it is.

Thumbs down: To Allied Stores for changing the name of Titche’s to Joske’s. Mr. Titche was one of the founding merchants of Dallas. Mr. Joske belongs to San Antonio. Leave us some heritage, Mr. Allied.

Thumbs down: To Justice of | the Peace George Allen for appearing in a seat cover com – mercial filmed in his courtroom. Dressed in judicial robes, Allen says, “Go to Carco and you be the judge.” We knew justice was blind, but not tacky.


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