Thumb Awards

Thumbs Down: To Fort Worth radio station KXOL for allowing Hal Eisner to work simultaneously as a “newsman” and as a paid aide to State Rep. Mike Millsap. The media’s credibility is weak enough without such a blatant case of conflict of interest.

Thumbs Up: To the Dallas City Council and city manager George Schrader for their careful construction of the city’s bond package. Although the $254.4-million price tag is more than may be necessary, the package is definitely worth voting for, especially the new facilities for the arts. The arts proposition not only continues the successful blending of private and public financing which is becoming a key element in Dallas’ growth, but also makes the clear civic statement, at last, that the arts are as important to a city as sewers.

Thumbs Down: To Dallas School Supt. Nolan Estes and school board member Kathlyn Gilliam for allowing their sons to be among five Dallas students selected for an all-expense-paid trip to Israel. Anybody who believes Estes’ explanation that the choice was without bias is welcome to come over to our place: We have some nice photos of a bridge in Brooklyn we’d like to show you.

Thumbs Down: To the City of Dallas for ever backing the whole disjointed – and now defunct – notion of Llove. We hate to say we told you so but we told you so.


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